Fun Outdoor Activities

When I was kid, going outside to play was a summer/fall thing to do. It was the best thing to do. I still have these memories being at my nana’s house and having fun outside with my sister and our cousins. My mom and nana would sit outside because of Emily and I. Saturdays back then didn’t revolve around pizza and doing computer work. It was a time where the Internet wasn’t that important and being a carefree kid was fun. I still wish I could go back for a Saturday and watch myself have fun just being outside for once.

There was only so much you could do as a kid. Well, for me at least. Chris, Kristi, and Emily could ride bikes and I had this scooter. The scooter was my third way of being mobile. Nobody really liked me being in it while I was outside because one day I found out that the big chunk of concrete was a bit uneven. It was like a mini ramp. Everytime somebody went inside I’d race up to the last step and let go and I’d go for a little joyride in my scooter. If I didn’t stop myself in time I would fall off the sidewalk. I’m not going to lie I wanted to do that every single time. I just didn’t want to get into trouble. Nobody was allowed to go on the street, unless we went walking which is the reason why Kristi and I still love to walk. It gave us a chance to talk and race down the street. Okay, okay, so maybe they didn’t know I was actually racing them. I would always go a little bit faster than the rest of them. They were always so slow, now it’s backwards.

Another thing my sister and I loved to do was blow bubbles. Every summer/fall nana and/or mom would buy us those big jugs of bubble mix at Wal-Mart. Every weekend we’d go outside and I’d blow bubbles. Back then I was still flexible enough I could get my legs behind my head without falling over backwards. I can’t now because of the pins in my hips. Anyways, on days like these. We’d blow bubbles, play with chalk and play in the dirt. I never really liked playing with chalk, not because it was messy, but everytime I’d try to write it would end up very bad. One time I remember my cousin Chris making a semi on the space before the first step on the porch. It actually stayed there for a while. There is a tree right by the porch so the only time the chalk went away was if it rained three days in a row. Playing in the dirt was always fun too. I remember one time digging with nana’s spoons and I was getting deeper and deeper and then I saw this white thing. Emily and I tried really hard to see what it was and when we showed it to mom, she told us it was the pipes to the house. We thought it was a dinosaur bone.