I’m Happy When…

I am happy when things go right. Tonight I’m going to the football game and it is the official first home game. It’s not a Scrimmage game, it’s going to be scored and timed. Everything counts this time around. So I’m kind of hoping more people come out tonight even though I know not a lot of probably will go since college has probably started up. Nobody wants to drive for a game, well some might but it will always be the guys. If this was two years ago, I would be perfectly fine for just the college boys to come back, but it’s such a waste to even try to talk to them.

I’ve been worried about this all week-long. When I woke up this morning and saw the sky looked like it could rain or storm, I’m not going to lie I was actually happy. I wanted it to do either of these. My sister wouldn’t appreciate it so much since she would have to cheer out in the rain, or at least go to the game and have to sit through the rain. I don’t really know what the cheerleaders do when it rains during a football game. Anyways, I’m expecting the worse of tonight.

Would I be happy if today turns out better than I expect it to be? Oh yes. I’ve had little ideas of taking my iPod with me, but we can’t find my case with the velcro on the back so I won’t have to hold it the whole time. Last night (when I was actually sleeping) I had a dream I was sitting on the track part away from the bleachers and not looking straight forward at my sister making her feel awkward. I was sitting there in a hoodie, crying about how lonely I was just sitting there. There’s nothing anybody can do to help. I haven’t cried about it and doing it at the game doesn’t sound so bad. Anyways, yeah this is what’s been going through my mind all week long. I’m hoping for a relieve.

Don’t Call Me

I listen to Sirius XM radio mostly. This isn’t played as much as it use to, but they will play it when people request it. I couldn’t think of a song I hear a lot. This song always comes up in my head because you will hear it EVERYWHERE you go! Since my sister unchecked it on our iTunes, just hearing it on the radio once or twice isn’t so bad. We got tired of it pretty quite, but I think it had something to do with my mom learning the words and dancing to it that got both of us to not put it on our iPods. You can’t really blame us. I’ve waited all day to do this post and I still didn’t find another song to use for this post.