A Special Birthday

I can’t really choose between my 16th and 17th birthday’s. Both were pretty special to me. However, I think my sweet sixteenth birthday was a disaster because the week it came I was very sick with the flu. It was awful! I was sick for the week before and then when my birthday came and I was feeling pretty crappy on that day. It was just a mess. I started getting better around the week of Thanksgiving. We only had school for three days that week and I tried two out of three of those days. By Wednesday, I didn’t have a fever and I had my energy again. We had a bunch of family coming down that year and so I was very glad the sickness never ruined the holidays with my family.

That year would have been during my sophomore year and I had been a big part of going to football games and watching the team try at the games and talk to people. So the week of my birthday my nana and Emily made me a special birthday cake. It was a chocolate cake with green coconut shavings around it and they decorated the coconut like it was a football field. It had the lines and even little footballs. I think I had six little football’s with six different numbers. I’m not going into that next part because that’s just embarrassing. So during Thanksgiving, after we were done eating, Emily came into the living room where we were eating and brings out this cake and everybody started singing “happy birthday” to me since they didn’t get to do it on my actual birthday. I remember that day very well.

My seventeenth birthday was sick-free. Thank god! That day was a very cool and breezy day. The leaves were on the ground. The whole day just screamed autumn to you. That day like we usually do on my birthday or the weekend of, we go to my nana’s. We were driving to her house and we came around one of my friend’s grandparent’s house. My friend was in trouble and I hadn’t seen him since April. So when we got up to the stop sign we noticed this boy on the porch and my mom and I instantly go insane. I think I screamed a little. Then he came around to my side of the car and hugged me. I cried and probably embarrassed him a little, but I missed him. When we got up to the house, I told everybody I didn’t need to make a wish because I already got mine.

My Uncle David had made me a cake at midnight. I was surprised because usually its nana or mom who makes the cakes and not the cakes. David was first. I only get like one cake nowadays, which is probably smart. I’m not a BIG cake fan, but I will eat it. I’m more of a cupcake girl. They’re cute and mini. Who wouldn’t like them? I’m also like my papaw with apple pie, I like to eat it with ice cream. Cake and ice cream should be required at every birthday. Anyways, I was very stuffed eating that cake. Then we all went outside. My cousin Kristi, Emily and I were sitting on this porch swing and were having a mini photo shoot outside. I still feel bad who went bad and saw us make fools out of ourselves. We were having fun, but probably too much fun.

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