Random School Thought

Last day of my first challenge on my blog, the last post is a random picture. I’m extending the post since this isn’t Tumblr. I need a random picture and a story behind it. Since school has started around here, I thought I’d tell you about the first few weeks of middle school. I started 6th grade with trying to be a normal middle schooler like everybody else.

When I came out to the school for registration for the first time my mom, nana, Emily and I went around the classrooms and tried out my locker. It would be my first and last locker I’d ever be able to have, You know I’ve trouble with numbers and locker combinations were not that easiest to remember. Considering I didn’t actually learn my lunch number until five months later. We never had these locks on ours, but the ones for P.E. we did.

Anyways, back to my story. it took me at least for two  days  to just give up on it. Actually I didn’t want to quit but everybody made me because it was time-consuming and since we only had a five-minute break it would take me forever to get the combination together on the lock and then there was this thing where you had to press up to unlock it and I never got it to work. After my aide at the time got it undone, I was very upset because it was the one thing I saw everyday at school and I never got to enjoy having to cram all my books and stuff into it. My sister use to decorate her’s with different things on the inside. She had a mini whiteboard and her friends would write stuff on it for her during breaks.


This was a tough question to answer and you can tell since it has taken me forever to post this. One song that describes me or at least picking one song is very difficult to choose. So I have decided to pick two songs from the same band. This is Lzzy Hale from the band Halestorm. The songs have chosen are Mz Hyde and Freak Like Me.

These songs are a mixture of how I am. With Mz Hyde it’s more about having a double side to yourself. I can tell you I have that indeed. I have my more sweetheart side and my other is my rebellious side. I don’t like showing that side, but it does come out. Everybody thinks I’m this sweetheart, which I am, but I know how to turn it off and bring out the bitch.

For the song Freak Like Me it’s more about how some people think I’m a freak and I just want to actually embrace that side of me. Because I’m not really a freak like people would think I am. I do have my moments where I don’t like myself but you do have to accept yourself somehow. I have accepted my life, but accepting my body and how others look at me still gets to me. I have to embrace it. This is the only song that makes me truly embrace myself.