What’s In Your Wallet?

Yes, when I read my challenge for today I was hearing Alec Baldwin’s voice but you can’t tell me you didn’t hear it when you read it either. Truth be told, I don’t have a wallet. I don’t even have a purse. It’s kind of pointless to have either of these when somebody has to carried it for you. Yes, I use to want to carry my own stuff, but my shoulders are weird and it is probably unsafe to let me have ahold of something that has money in it with my feet. So this challenge is a little awkward for me to talk about.

Instead of me telling what is in my wallet I’m going to tell you something else. I have had wallets before. For the longest time I did have one. When I was in middle school, I bought my first wallet and if I remember right I got it at either Hot Topic or Spencer’s. It was a Playboy logo wallet. It was pink and white. It was cute and very innocent despite what my dad thought of it. Mom let me get it and we all knew after we left the store that dad would freak. When we got home, it freaked out, but not as bad since it was just a wallet. About a year ago, I lost it. Around the same time I found a new wallet and it was a The Vampire Diaries wallet. It was awesome, but I couldn’t get it.

The last time I had a purse was back in high school. When I was a sophomore and got caught with my phone. I pretty much wanted to leave not only my phone but my purse at home. For the rest of the year after that I did actually keep my purse at home. I couldn’t trust myself so it was a waste it even bring it since everybody thought I’d get out my phone, but never did after that year. Once as Junior year started up, I did bring back my purse and phone but left it alone like a good girl. As a sophomore I had a silver purse. My last two years in high school I had a small purple purse. It was cute and purple. Since then I have not had either one. I feel fine about it too.

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