Where do I see myself in 10 years or so? This is a big question. Time and I don’t get along that well. I’m tired of being lonely and want to find someone who is looking for love and has the same wishes I do for the future. Hopefully somewhere down the line somebody finds me and grants me those wishes, because I’m tired of awakening from my dreams at night and be depressed because I’ve dreamt about my future wedding, but I probably wouldn’t go looking for my future wedding dress on Pinterest like I’ve been doing for the past two days. I’ve had dreams of my future wedding twice now and it was pretty freaky if you ask me. However, they were a lot elegant than the redneck wedding dream I had last month.

Where does anybody see themselves in a few years? Married and with kids. Nowadays, it’s backwards. I’m not judging anybody for that. That’s their choices, but I’m very old-fashioned when it comes to marriage and kids and that tradition of keeping it that way. So I’m hoping for no kids before I get married, but who knows, right? I’ve had early thoughts of my wedding dress, and I think it’s hilarious that I’m not even dating anyone yet and I’m already thinking of my wedding dress and the whole get-up. I love vintage, lace dresses. Kind of like this, but there is this picture of a dress I really like and I was going to use it as an example, but I changed my mind at the last-minute. Anyways,  the dress looks vintage and has lace all around it and it’s not strapless. SCORE!

I’m not telling what all I see for my future wedding. Those are just ideas still, piling up the more I think about it. Whoever becomes my maid-of-honor for my wedding I’m already thinking of how I’d drive you insane, so I’m apologizing in advance. Anyways, if I get married before the time I’m 30 years old, then kids are next on my list. I do want to have kids, somehow. Whenever I decide to try dating, that’ll be one of my top ten questions the person will have to answer. I think I’d try to leave that question for date #2 because I don’t want to freak anybody out. I mean, come on! Me and kids, that would probably be in the “high risk pregnancy” since I’m handicapped. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out. One of these days, I would love to have at least three kids. I have some names picked out already. Even though I change them almost every four months. One name is pretty much stuck into my head.

So that’s where  I see myself in ten years or so. I would like to live up my life right now, because I think the right age to start thinking about future ground and marriage should be around 24 or 25, that’s enough time to show you how much you can mature and be committed to change your life forever. Dating for me, is a no-good right now. It’s not that I don’t want to date, it’s just the asking questions back and forth that’s getting me. Blind dates are out of the question. If you meet somebody at a bar or some place and you don’t know what they look like at all and you meet somebody and talk about how you got stood up and come to find out at the end of your chat with this other person is the person that stood you up, that’s just too damn awkward for anybody. I am not going to lie, I kind of want to try speed dating. I’m a fast talker, I could probably become a pro at that. That’s my sense of humor coming out to play. Which means I better stop, before I make a mess of myself.

Wait and Bleed

I had a plan to list five songs from five bands that I didn’t like. At first it seemed like a good idea until I went on a witch hunt to find this song’s audio on YouTube. I could think of five bands I don’t like and bash them like they’re nothing, but I’m not going to do that. I wasn’t going to do that on my first plan. Just a thought, but I do have to explain the reason why I don’t like this band. The only word that describes the reason why I don’t like them, well think about it. It’s the masks. Yes, I know. I’m how old and I still can’t stand the masks. I like masquerade masks, but these are just too creepy for me to handle.