Biggest Impact

Well my challenge for today was supposed to be initials of the people who have had the biggest impact on your life. I am changing that up a bit. Since initials are so little, I think I’d just give you their names instead. So here we go! First up on my list is…..

God: He gave me this life. He gets me through it every single day. He thinks I can get through this crazy thing called life, and even though sometimes I have my doubts about that. He does get me to the next day. I am grateful for everyday I have on this planet and the people he brings in and out of my life. I wonder if he thinks my music is insane like everybody does? He understands my sense of humor. I’m still learning his and it’s a bit complicated sometimes.

My parents: The two people who I love most. Sometimes they get on my nerves. Today is my mom’s birthday and I know she won’t read this so I’m in good shape there. They “made” me and somehow kept my crazy butt in their lives. They are strong people to deal with me everyday. Not very many people can deal with having a child with a disability. I got lucky.

Emily: Blondie! She’ll read this. She is the complete opposite of me. She can do everything I’ve ever wanted to do. I’m not bitter towards her, even though years ago I was very jealous, but we are sisters. She is very helpful and quite the cutie pie! I didn’t get to see her this morning on her last first day of high school. I have no idea how I’m going to deal with her next fall when she decides on college, I’ll be on the same boat as my mom, bawling our eyes out!

My grandparents: This is for both sides. I love both sides very much. I love hearing the crazy stories and laughing my butt off all these years.

Family & Friends: I wanted to keep this somewhat short. Just because you’re last doesn’t mean I don’t think you haven’t impacted my life in some way. I loved every memory–good and bad–if we didn’t have both than why even remember them? You all keep a smile on my face. (:

Falling Asleep

There are a lot of songs I can full asleep to. It’s always the ballads that are really slow and voices are really low. You can’t help it. Sometimes, if you’re not like me and you keep your volume all the way up, you can go to sleep in the middle of a song. Especially if it’s a very meaningful song. Those are always so comforting to just relax and let go of whatever you’re thinking inside your mind. Then the next minute you know you’ve passed out and you weren’t even tired to begin with. Instead of just listing one song, I’m going to list four songs. All of these songs have the power to make me fall asleep.