Song You Can Dance To

There a lot of songs you can dance to, but since my disability made me feel insecurities about doing anything of that nature, I don’t like dancing to music. I’m not going to lie, there a lot of times where I am not afraid to let loose and go a little crazy. One song that comes to mind is the one song that can get me started and I usually have to listen to it twice just to get it all out of my system. One day on the radio, my mom and I were in the car going somewhere and this song comes on and we instantly start dancing. We had never heard it until that day and now everytime we do hear it we have to dance. Ever heard of “Mambo No. 5” by the Lou Bega? Yeah, that is an awesome dance-y song. You will stop whatever you’re doing and dance like a maniac.

(Yes, I am dancing to it right now. I had to test it before I posted it on here.)

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