Lottery Tickets

Before I start this post. I have to say I’ve been legal to buy a lottery ticket for three years. but haven’t gotten the chance to do it because I don’t have an ID yet. I’ve always thought to myself for these last three years, I’ll get one and I’ll end up not winning a single dollar. Everybody hopes to win at least $5 or more. It may not be the “big bucks” but it’s something. My dad and papaw play the lottery every week. Wednesday and Saturday’s are key days in this whole thing. If I become the third to do this I’m going to have a major talk with two goofy men. I don’t want to get started, but I know this, I will be getting my first ticket this fall.

I don’t expect to win the lottery. I think my papaw does though. I don’t blame for hoping each week. Sometimes if he can’t pick the last numbers he’ll go around the kitchen and ask for the three or four numbers. I pick at least one of my lucky numbers and the number 33 is usually the most used number everytime he asks. It’s bad enough all of the females see that number everywhere and poor papaw has to see it too. Sometimes it’s mom redoing the bubbles on the ticket and she doesn’t even ask, she’ll just put in random numbers if he can’t figure out any other numbers. I think I would just go for my lucky numbers each time.

If I won the actual lottery, I would have to share with my papaw and dad since they’ve been at it a lot longer than me. They also wouldn’t expect it either. The rest would be a mystery. I wouldn’t know what to do with any kind of money if it’s $100 or more. If it’s a $100 the first thought for me right now is redoing my room. Back to reality, if I even won any money at all I would probably give it to my parents and let them have a heyday. The smart thing to do would be to save it, but I’ve tried that before and people have either borrowed and yeah. It’s just best to give it away that way I wouldn’t have to deal with everybody thinking I was a greedy bitch.

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