You Know By Heart

I know a lot of songs by heart. A lot of them I had to relearn because when I was kid I would make up the words and when I got older and started wondering what the real words were I would laugh at myself and make myself change it back to normal. Just to pick one song and pick it as you know it by heart. I know most of the Backstreet Boys songs by heart. Christina Aguilera is in the same boat but I grew up on those. They were in the bowl where once I looked up the actual lyrics I had to change them around. One new song I know every word to is a bit hard to figure out, but when you’re a person like me, I have a problem with listening to a song about a 100 times until I get every word right. When a song involves screaming, it is difficult, but not impossible. So the song I know every word to is In This Moment’s “Blood” and it involves a lot of screaming in the chorus and I still know the right words.


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