Book Review: Finding Home

I have had this book for almost two weeks now and it was one of those books where you can’t put it down. From the time I started reading it, it was very difficult to stop reading. It has 272 pages and it is my favorite length in books. It doesn’t have over 300 pages or double-digit pages. It was just in the middle. It started off being a very weird and then as it progressed it got better. It’s a very sad, but heartwarming, plus it has something else inside it that you will love. Trust me.

When I looked up this book and read the description of it and found out the lead female character was named Megan, I was bit creeped out that it just had to be that name. Anyways, she is a newly graduated from college and working at a newspaper as an editor for the other columnists. She was working on her article about the street kids in Los Angeles, CA. At first, you think the kids in gangs. It’s not about them. It’s about the kids that are living on the streets that are selling themselves for money. Giving people sex for money. She interviewed a few kids, including Mouth. He was her first person to give her some insight of life on the streets. She interviewed others once as everybody found out she was giving out money.

After spending most of her time at work and on the streets, trying to learn more about these kids. She kind of falls for Mouth. She and Mouth have a argument about how it’s too dangerous out here for her to be around, especially at night. She still comes around to check up on Mouth and the others, but when she can’t find Mouth she gets worried. After a week of being missing, she finds him leaning up against a wall and he has been beaten up. She checks on him and takes a gamble and makes him come hom with her to stay until he gets better. He hesitates about this, but still agrees. From there it get better and better.

I love stories that has love and romance with a really thought-out storyline to it. Lauren and Bonnie have a really good book on their hands. At first, you think this is going to be sad and weird, which is what I instantly thought when I was first reading it too. When I was reading it towards the ending, I did NOT want it to end whatsoever. I remember talking to my mom and telling her I didn’t want it to end at all. When I told her the night I finished the book she literally told me I read that book more than any book I ever read in high school. Usually in books I think a part could have been shorten or made longer, and there was not one chapter I wanted to change. It was just amazing. Once you start, you never want to spot. You will love it if you are open-minded. Just saying.

You Know By Heart

I know a lot of songs by heart. A lot of them I had to relearn because when I was kid I would make up the words and when I got older and started wondering what the real words were I would laugh at myself and make myself change it back to normal. Just to pick one song and pick it as you know it by heart. I know most of the Backstreet Boys songs by heart. Christina Aguilera is in the same boat but I grew up on those. They were in the bowl where once I looked up the actual lyrics I had to change them around. One new song I know every word to is a bit hard to figure out, but when you’re a person like me, I have a problem with listening to a song about a 100 times until I get every word right. When a song involves screaming, it is difficult, but not impossible. So the song I know every word to is In This Moment’s “Blood” and it involves a lot of screaming in the chorus and I still know the right words.


Who Would You Want To Be For A Day?

This morning, I got up and looked at my challenge for the day, at first I thought I would want to be a mom for a day. Then we went to Wal-Mart and I was so thankful I didn’t do the post about that. Between hearing a kid literally do the “pleeeeeeeeeeeese” commercial for Roll-Ups and yell the whole time we were there. I thought I was going to go insane. When we got up to the check out line, there was a mom with her two kids getting their stuff unloaded. The kids had to be 6 and under. They weren’t as bad, but you could tell the mom was at the end of the rope with them. They kept saying “I love you” to her and try to grab things, she was not a happy camper. I felt bad for her, but once we got outside my mom told my sister and I she loved us. I immediately thought I did something wrong until she unleashed her thoughts about how we didn’t act like that when we were kids.

So since that pretty much ruined my thing of wanting a kid for a while. I started thinking of other things. I started thinking of my book I was reading earlier this week and thought about how it felt for someone to care about fully and for them to care back. With family, it’s just routine sometimes. They can say they love you all they want, but you can still feel like they don’t. When we got around the clothes isle at Wal-Mart, my mind instantly went for the jean shorts. I have this really cute top I want to wear to the football game on Friday and I don’t want to wear long pants. Of course, the shirt that I have is in a green-ish color. I wanted to get a dark blue jean shorts to go with it, but mom doesn’t think I’ll fit in them right. So since I want to look cute, but with a side of being smart with all this heat. I don’t want to roast myself. I just to be somebody who can look good.

So who would I want to be for a day? I don’t want to be anybody else. I like being the person I am. I don’t want to change myself for anyone. However, I do want to gain some cuteness. I’ve got some cute clothes, I’m bound to either make a mess of myself or look pretty damn good. Oh well, we’ll see I guess. (: