Things I’d Do Differently.

As much as I’m suppose to take things from my childhood, what my parents did there at that time and figure out things I’d do different for when I become a parent. I instantly thought of an episode of Roseanne I watched twice last week. It was the episode of when Roseanne invites Becky’s boyfriend Chip’s parents over to the house and have dinner. Becky isn’t looking forward to it at all. Roseanne and Dan get all fancied up for this get together. Becky is saying things like “they have to be out of here at 9 o’clock.” That right there would mean trouble even for me. As the night goes on and when Becky kind of goes missing from the house. Roseanne goes outside to look for her and finds her outside with “The Tongue Bandit.” Roseanne yells to Becky and makes her go back inside.

The next day, she hasn’t exactly told Dan yet and when breakfast is done. Darlene spills the beans. Cracks a few jokes about this new guy and Roseanne and Becky get into an argument over having Chip’s annoying parents over and sneaking out of the house to see this infamous guy. Then Roseanne and Dan talk about how they should punish Becky and Roseanne says to Dan about how before she had kids she wanted to be a cool parent and not be so strict with her kids. By the end of this scene Becky ends up being grounded from being able to see the Tongue Bandit. So leave that whole scene to give me something to go by for me.

For the most part, I liked being raised by the whole 90’s nostalgia. Kids nowadays, it seems they don’t understand anything about the world and things like that. Technology has taken over the families and the newer generations are learning about the Internet and iPods at such a young age. When I was like 6 or 7 years old, I never had an iPod. I had a mini boombox and it was the most coolest thing ever for me at the time. I didn’t have a cell phone. I wrote notes in school. I think teachers would rather take away little notes than a cell phone. At least I would. I was raised on Disney movies, and I mean, the classics. Kids are watching The Jersey Shore and learning all the wrong things. It is crazy!

Things I would do differently from other parents. Not my parents, others because how I was raised wasn’t that bad. I have a pretty good attitude. I treat people better than some kids do. It all depends on how you raise your kids. I’m not trying to be mean about this, I’m just be very, very honest.

  • No technology devices, besides TV before the age of 10.
  • No reality shows until they turn at least 13 years old.
  • Bring the Disney classics back into my life and show my kids about fairy tales.
  • Get them as hands on as I possibly can.
  • Treat them about respect.
  • Treat everybody as an equal.

An Event

There’s no denying it today. As much I’m happy to have found more songs by In This Moment and Lacuna Coil on Spotify, I’m still remembering an event that happened in 2007. Four guys that went to the same school as me were in a car accident on their way to a concert. Three out of four were killed on this tragic day. I remember getting the news on MSN Messager by random people. Then all of a sudden, Emily came in and told my mom and I who was all involved in the accident. Those moments of feeling like time could stop for a minute and your heart sinks. Yeah, those are real. I remember the first day back to school that year. We had a special program for them and it was just an all over sad and depressing day to start off my sophomore year. I also remembering having to wear pink because of them. Real men wear pink. It wasn’t the ideal way to start out the new school year. I will never forget that day.

I just this song for the first time just a bit ago. It made me think of those days even more. Maria’s voice is so soft and steady. I thought at first I was going to go to sleep until I thought it would be the perfect song to describe that day at school. I know I don’t usually get sad and stuff on my blog, but today is a day of remembrance and it’s okay to be sad.