One Thing I’d Like To Do Before I Died

If you were to ask me this question face-to-face I would be stumped. I have over 80 things on my bucket list so you know just picking one of them is difficult. There are so many things to choose from. A few of mine are random and crazy. Then some of them are kind of practical. The craziest one and it was the first on my list, put mentos in diet coke so it would explode. Yeah, I’m crazy and love a little bit of fun. Some of the crazier things are visiting different places around the world. My more mature and normal things are doing a NOH8 photo shoot and take my mom for the vacation of her dreams. See, just with these and it gets your mind working on what you want to accomplish before you die.

Only thing is I have to choose just one of these things. I’m looking back at my list and trying to figure out which ones would be easier to do. I want it to be fun but mature at the same time. If I’m going to die than I might as well find something that I’m going to love, right? So might as well do something crazy and combine a few of them into one big thing. They all have to go together. So I would choose to have someone make me  a surprise party and make it as a masquerade ball, wear a corset, wear converse shoes and have all of my online friends there partying like crazy. To me that would awesome! This is my ultimate one thing I want to do before I died, even though I combined a bunch of things together, you can’t blame me for doing it that way.

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