How It Reminds Me Of You

Since I have a whole list of things I want to do before I died, I thought I’d do this challenge first so I can continue to figure out what I really want to do the most. So what is a song that reminds me of someone. Well the first song that comes to mind, is the song during my freshman year that was my theme song for the entire year. My mom wouldn’t let me down for that year at all. Sadly I can never sing this song around her either. It reminds her of what this song represents for me.

When I was a freshman in high school, I had this crush on this guy and around that time Taylor Swift’s first album was just released I think and since I had no control of the radio on the bus I had to listen to country music for five whole years without my iPod. So loving a few country songs on the down low was possibility. That’s how I started listening to Taylor Swift, plus watching her music videos before I got picked up by the bus for school. This song was so me during this time because I was this shy girl who had a crush on a guy. The song was made for my situation.

For three whole years, the song represented my life at that time. Especially after several months of not being able to talk to him face-to-face it really started to make sense. When I was a sophomore, he was a junior and he got a girlfriend and I use to cry because I wasn’t good enough. I use to sing this song all the time. Then my mom would hear me cry, be sad that this guy had a new girlfriend, and I was singing this song and I would sing it from the  heart. By the end of the song, she’d be crying. It was weird, but after he graduated and talked to his girlfriend a lot more. I wasn’t so jealous anymore. I didn’t hate him anymore. The song still hurts for my mom because she knows how bad I was crushing on him and so, when I do listen to this song I don’t sing it. It doesn’t make me cry anymore, but it does make me think of that time at the beginning of high school of how shy I was and how much I hated myself because he got to me so bad. You live and you learn.

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