3 Wishes

Leave it to me to think of Robin Williams’ voice when I found out my challenge for today was three wishes. What are my three wishes? Right now since I am freaking hungry all that is coming to my mind is food-related. I’m still indecisive if that’s a bad thing or not. For these three wishes, you have to think of smart things. Things that will not end as soon as you get it. That would suck to have a Genie that would give you used things and expect you to never break it. My sister should never ask a Genie for anything that involves technology since she breaks everything within the first month of getting it.

My first wish would be a new wheelchair that was purple and cat proof. I am not kidding either. My headrest looks like a disaster. So many claw masks from where they’ve been climbing over it. The wheelchair has to have  a comfy seat. My seat I have now, sucks. It is not comfortable anymore. From what my dad says, my tires are about shot. Other than that it’s a good wheelchair I just need thing fixed for me.

My second wish would be to own (and this a bit extreme!) a bookstore, candy store, and cupcake boutique. All of my three favorites. Books, candy, and cupcakes. I had to incorporate the food in there somehow. It’s like Starbucks, but advanced a little bit. Instead of coffee, it’s candy and cupcakes. Starbucks is kind of adult-friendly and I want my place to be kid-friendly plus very unique as well. I want two sections, one for adults with a sophisticated setting with quotes from well-known books. On the other side, I want a kiddie place with little chairs and tables with fairy tale  quotes on the walls. Yes, I know I’ve thought too much about this haven’t I? The book store would on the second floor, that way you wouldn’t have to worry about getting your books dirty.

My third and final wish. I really have no clue what I want with this last wish. The final has to be a wise choice, because you can’t take it back. If you literally thought your life and wondered something you’ve never had before. The only thing that is coming to mind is an endless supply of concert tickets I ever wanted to have. For every music addict person out there that wouldn’t wish for this is crazy. Of course, I am already crazy so maybe I should wish for that. For everyone who would have trouble making your last wish trick your Genie into giving you more wishes. That sounds so much better. Nobody can live on just three wishes.

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