Worried & Happy

What am I worried about the most? I am worried about all these accidents and storms that are making their way around. They are getting way too close to home. Yesterday morning I found some news about somebody I knew were in a car accident in the early morning and didn’t find any new information until we were going to the mall and it came on the radio and mom had turned it up so we could hear about it. My mom is like me, we don’t like hearing bad news and it seems like everytime you go or hear any news, it’s bad. It’s car accidents the reason why I never want my driver’s licence. I don’t trust myself and I don’t really trust the other drivers around me. We had a storm last night before I went to bed and it wasn’t a bad-bad storm despite the crazy wind and lightning. Around 11pm it actually quieted it down enough for me to fall asleep.

What song makes me happy? Yeah, that’s kind of random. We go from something serious to something happy. It all goes with my mood for today. Everything has to have some humor and joyous about it. So back to my question, what song make you happy? I’m not talking all time type of song either. What song right now makes you to the point where you want to grab a hairbrush and sing out loud and make a fool out of yourself? What song makes you dance like you’re a professional? Well, while you think about yours, mine is “Too Close” by Alex Clare. Yes, that song from the commercial. After hearing that little part you’re kind of curious to hear the rest, but when it’s on the radio, you don’t recognize it right away. My sister is obsessed with it and so is my mom and I. When we got to the mall yesterday, we didn’t turn off the car when we got there we just let it play and it was awesome. The bass of that song makes me happy! (:

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