What I Dreamt Of Last Night

I’ve been gone all day but I still manged to remember of what I dreamt of last night. Considering I woke up at 2am and didn’t go back to sleep until 6:30am and had to be up before 10am to get ready for the day, I actually did get to have a dream in between all this. I’ve been dreaming of future tattoos again. I went from having one idea and it was kind of small to two mideum size on my thighs. So that thought lead to my dream of being on the cover of Inked Magazine. I’ve obviously loving this phase way too much for my own good.

Then in the next part of my dream I somehow got to be on another cover of a magazine because of my attitude about my life. The magazine thought I was a good story to tell about and since I dreamt I had graced on the other magazine, I was getting negative comments about the fact I am handicapped, I should be a role model and be good all the time. People thought the tattoos were a bad thing and I was sending the wrong signal. Even in my dreams and I still act the same, tattoos are a symbol of expression. They’re drawings and instead of putting them on picture, they are on your body and you want to show them off. Having tattoos DOES NOT make a bad role model.

The last part of the dream was after that magazine article was out even more people were commenting about what I thought about tattoos. Everytime I tried looking for good modeling jobs they would reject me because nobody wanted a tatted handicapped chick with a smart attitude. After I got signed with an agency, I got a chance to change the way how everybody thinks of beauty when I go for an audition for Victoria’s Secret. That’s always been a dream of mine is to be a VS Angel, but the world does actually have to change their beauty situation first. Then after that I woke up and forced myself to stay awake.

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