Girl’s Day Out

Today was an awesome day! It started off really slow, since we had an hour drive to our destination, my mom, sister and I got to talk off and on throughout the car ride up. Whenever we weren’t talking we were looking at the damage in a town outside of my hometown. They had a pretty bad storm the other night. While we had thunder, rain, and some hail. They had almost everything, plus heavy winds. When we were driving around it was obvious to everybody in front of us knew we weren’t from there because we were pointing at every angle because of the different trees down. It was weird driving through it. It puts things inΒ  perspective and what you’re grateful for in your life. We were only stopped once on our way up, but never on our way back home.

Once we were there, I could feel my eyes already burning and kind of felt light-headed, but I think it was the fact that it was almost lunch time and we pushing that back. We went into JC Penney first and Emily got herself some good sneakers for soccer I think. After mom went to take that bag out to the car, Emily and I went out and about to Maurice’s and Wet Seal. The both of us looked online a few days before to get an idea of what we wanted to get. We both had some luck in that store. I had taken pictures of shirts I wanted to see against me and I did good I went up to the cashier girls and asked if they had this shirt I found online. It was a black tank top that says “Rocker At ❀” The heart is a metallic fabric so it doesn’t bother my hands. We checked before I got all excited and got it.

Emily was being picky today. At first I thought she was going to be the one to “break the bank” this time. Usually it’s me and I don’t see how that’s true since I usually come home with about three things and Emily’s got about six items. She still outdid me on how many stuff but despite of that I didn’t get over $60 like I thought I would yesterday after I added everything I wanted online. The next store we went into was Charlotte Russe and the both of us hadn’t (at first) liked anything online. When Emily went around, it was like a rocket went off in her head. She got a while lace summer/fall dress with a brown built-in belt. She got an ugly pinkish little jacket and a couple of camis to match. She grabbed some necklaces before we left there. After we left we shot across to Pacsun and she found two pairs of jeans she liked and another necklace.

After leaving that store we went to the food court and got some lunch. Between my mom and I, we were both starving. We hadn’t eaten anything before we left. It wasn’t like we were going to Wal-Mart where there’s that much temptation. Even though the smell of both freshly brewed coffee and baked cookies was torture! We all got one thing and that happened to be Pizza. Emily usually gets Subway and I got Long John Slivers, but not this time. I wasn’t in the mood to eat fish. If it wasn’t so hot today we probably would have went to Red Lobster like we usually do, but mom didn’t want to run around that much because of the heat. After we got eating, mom wanted a smoke break and Emily didn’t want to go walking around so all three of us went outside and the reason I followed was because I had the bags. After mom was done, it was my turn on the store front.

We started at Hot Topic. It is like stepping into heaven everytime I go into that store. It wasn’t as crowded like it usually is and what was even weirder about it was that it was summer and hardly nobody was in there. I went into the back to look around at the band shirts and I was really hoping for a miracle on finding more Five Finger Death Punch shirts in store than online. When I went to ask the cashier about it, she told two words I did not want to hear. They were sold out because of the concert on Tuesday. I thought I was pissed off Tuesday because I couldn’t go to the damn concert. I think that broke my heart more than anything. It was the first time I didn’t want to look and ask for other band shirts. I was that crushed. So we went into Vanity, which was two stores down. It’s huge and I had quite a few shirts I wanted to look at and didn’t find any of them. Only one girl was working at the front and she was talking to everybody around her. I was bummed, even mom was a little bummed. I literally thought to myself, I’m going to walk out of the mall with one shirt.

We went into Body Central, it was the next store over and I only wanted one shirt from this store and it was crowded. Not people crowded either. I was running into everything, I was getting to the point I was actually hoping I was running over somebody who worked there and maybe they’d get the idea of getting more space between things. Getting to the back was a bitch. The shirt I wanted was sold out and right before we left mom scored big time. She found animal print shirts that were similar to the shirt I want. I almost bought a cheetah print halter shirt. Decided at the last-minute not to get it though. When we went back to the back, mom scored again and found leggings, which for me are pants. I got a cheetah print and these neon animal print leggings like the picture. You’ll definitely be able to see me coming I will say that! I also got this very vintage see through top, it’s kind of teal color but girly–everybody knows I’m not a girly girl–but this shirt fits me well.

After my mom and I were done with what I wanted, we had to go find Emily, who was in the new Forever 21 store on the opposite side of the mall. She found one shirt and earrings. This new store was freaking huge and that’s all she found and everybody thinks I’m the picky one! Once we found Blondie (Emily’s nickname given by me) we went to Victoria’s Secret and got some new spray and lotions. Well, they did, by this time I could care less. Our last store we went into was Journey’s and Emily got these shoes she’s been wanting for two years, they’re called Sperry’s. They look really weird and mom and Em have the same shoe size and I know mom won’t be wearing these anytime soon. After being embarrassed by both mom and Emily dancing to a song on the radio in that store I was more than willing to go home. We were all ready to go home, we were tired and almost broke. It was a good girl’s day out.

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      1. My blinds can’t be changed. 😦 Once my nana fixes my tank top I’ll ask my mom to have me try it on there because she has good light in her house. πŸ™‚


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