Favorite Song

It’s a new month and I am doing a new challenge even though I’m not even finished with my first one. I need something else to keep me occupied and keep this blog more into what I want it to be. My blog is a personal blog about my life and the music around it. Now, everybody knows I like every genre of music there is. It just takes me some time to get into it all. Ironically enough I am doing a page about this topic. I was working on it yesterday in between those freaking storms and I am on number 18 and I think I’m going to do top 40 or I might go for it and top 100 so I never have to stop anytime soon. So what made it on my list? Well I’m not going to reveal the whole list, but I will reveal the first song. I love this song and I actually listened to it before I went to bed last night. So have a good day! (:

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