Why have a serious post? I mean, come on! Anyways, what am I really afraid of, it’s actually hard to choose because you have like two lists to choose from, or at least I do. I have my little worries and then I’ve got my big worries and I think my little ones outweight the bigger ones because I can get to see those on a daily basis. So I’m just going to say the little ones for now.

Clowns: I am NOT a clown fan. AT ALL! Especially the scary ones. I’m one of those people who think people who dress up in a clown suit is just asking for trouble. I remember when I was a kid going to the Arts & Crafts thing at the park in late September or mid-October and there will be at least two clowns by a tree and we would have to avoid them at all cost because I would be the one to freak out. One day in creative writing class during my senior year, our teacher warned us before he showed us this picture and he presented us this project he wanted us to do. He told us about a girl who went looking through pictures and when she pulled out that picture she freaked out bad. It was the picture of Johnny Depp playing the Mad Hatter, he showed us this picture and my stomach rolled for the rest of the class. Thank god he warned us though!

Snakes & Spiders: I’m putting these two together because they’re in the animal category and it’s less space. I don’t like either one. Even though I’m getting better at killing my own spiders, it’s just the fact that it’s anywhere near me that it makes me feel jumpy. One day I was on the computer and we had just gotten home from somewhere, and we didn’t take my wheelchair so we left it outside. I was in the middle of buying my fourth song and I kept feeling this thing on my shoulder and I knew it couldn’t be hair because my hair isn’t long enough. I looked down and sure enough there was a spider crawling on the very top of my shirt. I freaked and tried to shake it off me and then once mom got in there she tried wiping it away. Then we couldn’t find it and I was so paranoid afterwards. I’m not explaining any snake stories, but I will say this I will never get the second Harry Potter movie ever again.  

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