What Do You Wish Didn’t Exist?

Whar I wish didn’t exist is probably the most common things to be used when people are given the chance to express themselves. My friend Vikki¬†put on my blog’s Facebook fan page¬†about this challenge and she put “all kinds of sickness” and I have to agree with her. The reason why I chose this picture to use a little bit of humor today. I wish money didn’t exist. I know there are other things in this world that shouldn’t exist, but think about it, money is the second thing with everything. We can’t get any treatment without money. Money is everything.

I know everytime I work for my nana, I feel bad afterwards. She’ll put how much she owes me in her notebook and if I do things for her online and she tells me to remind her about it the next time I come over to her house, there are times were I don’t want to, but there are things I want. I hate when somebody has to spent money on me. It drives me completely insane. Everytime I bring like $20 with me to Wal-Mart, usually after we check out I end up regretting it because I’ve spent about half of it and I should have just saved it all for something else, but I can’t.

I’m reading this book right now called, Finding Home by Lauren Baker and I just started on it and it’s about a young journalist wanting to do a report about the kids on the streets. It’s not your usually story of the “hustler” these kids are giving out sex to get paid. Some of these kids are runaways and drug addicts. The youngest is a girl of 15 who is addicted to crack. Money is wrapped around these kids to survive and they will do anything to get it. This is my second reason why I don’t like money. Money can bring out the worst in people. Money can be you cupcakes but that’s usually the only happiness you’ll get until that cupcake is gone, then what are you going to do?