What’s Something Important To You?

Something that is important is the ability to remember things. Memories is important to me and for this blog. If I didn’t remember anything throughout my childhood you wouldn’t be reading this blog because it wouldn’t exist. Everybody (including myself) complain that they didn’t have the ability to remember the bad memories, but they are as useful as the good ones. Every bad memory can either destroy you or make you stronger. If you can push through and forget about your past the stronger you get. You should grateful for every memory you have, because they are a lot of people trying to regain some of those memories that they’ve lost.

What made me think of this was my papaw and his funny stories. He is in his 80’s and he has told us some pretty interesting stories since I was little. For somebody being that age, you’d think they wouldn’t remember anything, but my papaw does. Sometimes that can come back to his kids faces because some of the stupid stuff they did when they were younger can get told by him and then when we would ask our parents about it, about 85% of them will try to switch up the stories. I know my mom has done that quite a few times. Sometimes he remembers more than they will. It just depends on the story and the mind of the adult of who wants to come clean about it first. Remembering memories comes pretty easy to people in my family thank god! Everyday we make a memory and it could be good or bad, but it doesn’t matter either way, because it will be engraved in our minds for future references.

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