A Confession

I’ve got myself a problem. It is manageable, but it really sucks though. When I was a kid, I loved drinking soda (I normally call it ‘pop’) and I use to drink Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew like it was nothing. I still drink Dr. Pepper but Mountain Dew is too much. When I was a kid and this was introduced I thought it was amazing! I still do! So where’s my confession? Well I can only have one of these probably once or twice a year. It drives my stomach wild and I crave it a lot after I’ve had just one sip. It literally sucks when I see my dad get one and I can’t drink it.

When I was having my surgeries, and I think it was after my first surgery. After I was healing, my dad got me one and I had a few gulps of it and the next thing we knew about half of it was on my bed and the floor and it didn’t come out of the bottle. I had thrown it back up. I didn’t understand why all of a sudden my stomach was reacting this way after I’ve had countless times before. I even had chips and salsa in the evenings and that never made me sick to my stomach like that did. After I came home, two other of my favorites that I had a lot while and before my surgeries. Chef Boyardee Spaghetti and eggs use to do serious damage to my stomach. I would throw them back up after a few bites. My body would explode! It was really weird.

I can eat Chef Boyardee Spaghetti again. I actually had that last night for supper and no stomache. Then this morning my dad came home for lunch and he said he had a surprise for me and he said he got me a Code Red Mountain Dew. I instantly got excited because I hadn’t had one for a while. I’ve only taken a few sips of it and I’m starting to feel a stomache coming along. It’s not intense anymore these days. Thank god for that too. I do freak myself out though thinking it could happen when I’m not even thinking about it and I’m hoping that’s not the case this time around. I would much rather get hyper than feel sick to my stomach drinking Mountain Dew. I have never tasted the other flavors either. I’m too afraid to. I am so too scared to try Monster or Vault energy drinks because of all that caffeine. I now drink the knock off Mountain Dew and thankfully it doesn’t mess with my stomach. Well I’m going to enjoy the rest of my drink and switch back to my alternative.

DWTS All-Star (Celeb Cast)

I am a very big fan of Dancing With The Stars, like a HUGE fun of the show! I love dancing in general. When the last season was ending, I was crying inside because I didn’t want it to end. I never want it to end. My mom is the same way too. She had to work today and told me to text her the list when it was announced online. It sucks that it wasn’t on Good Morning America today. It wasn’t like I’d watch it anyways, I was actually tired this morning. I almost forgot about it just a bit ago, but it was okay, apparently my mom almost forgot about it too. If you want the entire list and to vote between Sabrina Bryan, Carson Kressley, or Kyle Massey. The list of pros have not been announced yet either so we’re going to keep hoping and wondering how they’re going to pair everybody up this time around. Here is the list.

Gilles Marini
 Drew Lachey
 Apolo Ono
 Kirstie Alley
 Melissa Rycroft
Shawn Johnson
 Emmitt Smith
Kelly Monaco
Pam Anderson
 Joey Fatone
 Helio Castroneves
Bristol Palin

How To Vote For The Final Contestant:

I don’t know how they are going to pair them up because if you have watched and looked up past seasons of DWTS a lot of the contestants pros are doubled or tripled. Both Cheryl Burke and Mark Ballas are tripled. I also see two of Ms. Julianne Hough’s past partners. I even told my mom this morning that Julianne is working on her new movie with Josh Duhamel, but maybe she’s coming back. I know my mom and I are hoping she does, but who knows. The pros cast will be announced on August 13th on Good Morning American! The final contestant will be announced August 27th! My mom and I were also worried that Kate Gosslin would come back but thankfully she’s not. I loved when Bristol was on Dancing With The Stars, and I think she can get a second chance at kicking some butt this season. Who do you hope will win this season on their first All-Star season?