One Day You Could Take Back

I’m picking a good memory because I don’t want to be depressing. One day I could take back is from a few years ago. I was at a football game, I don’t really remember what kind of game it was. I think I was a sophomore when this happened. Emily had to be cheering at this game or I wouldn’t have gone to it, but yet I don’t think my mom was even there at the game in the first place. Anyways, it was a football game and normally I don’t have too much fun at football games because I don’t get football at all. I went and whatever reason why I did and I ended up having one of the best nights ever. It’s starting to get me, it was a middle school game. I remember now because there a lot more middle school teachers there. It’s all starting to come back to me now.

I went to this game. Expecting the worst. I thought I’d see a few people I knew and talk to them and at least watch some of the game. I think I only watched the first quarter and then had the time of my life the rest of the time. I hung out with my sister’s friends. I had been talking to them for weeks and I remember we were all excited to hang out that night at the game. As always, the first thing I do when I get to a football game is wait for people I know to come in. I know it sounds stralkerish, but when you’re lonely all the time, at least finding a person to talk to for twenty minutes is better than none. I remember hanging around with them and causing havoc all night long. I remember even the girls sitting on a skateboard one of the boys had and I pushed them down the hill and it was so hilarious! It was probably the slowest I’d ever go down that hill.

Simple Question

It gets me sometimes. I don’t quite understand why I get the axe for my music preferences so much. Both of my parents have been making fun of my choices for the past four years. I should be use to it, because I use to make fun of their music tastes. I had a reason to back then. Just because I will listen to Guns N Roses and Motley Crue doesn’t make everything they listen to is “cool.” The reason why I’m doing this is because I’m trying to make a point. Both of my parents are making fun of me being a Five Finger Death Punch fan. You would think with how much rock and metal music they listened to, they would be kind of proud I switched over from the pop scene, but nope.

I wanted to go to see Trespass America Festival next week and nobody wants to take me. I’m mainly wanting to go see Pop Evil and Five Finger Death Punch, but I don’t think I’d come home not wanting to listen to the other bands. In May, I had about four concerts I wanted to go see this summer. Three were up north and one was just an hour away. So in my mind, I told myself the shortest distance would work out better and it wouldn’t involve anything like the one my mom and sister went to in 2009 for the American Idol tour. I didn’t go because I hadn’t watch that season at all. I did something else. I had fun, but to me it all took too much to get there and back.

Just a bit ago, my dad came in and apparently looked at my shirt I’m wearing, which is my favorite FFDP shirt. He told me that they were coming next week and of course, I got excited, just like every fan would when somebody talks about one of their favorite bands. Then there was the last few words he just had to say after I told him I tried to get mom to take me, but she told me no. His response was, “well if they weren’t a bunch of devil worshippers. Nobody wants to sit through that.” I have been so angry in my life. First of all, they’re NOT devil worshippers! They’re a lot better than some of the music I’ve heard. Just because they sound like it, doesn’t mean they are! My parents music preferences are just as out there as mine. I would love a response what the difference is between Megadeth and Five Finger Death Punch? I don’t see the difference at all. I had to listen to Megadeth twice and I couldn’t tell the difference.

My mom’s choices aren’t much better from my dad’s. They differ I will say that. My parents will listen to other genres of music. My mom grew up in the 80’s so she was a fan of old school rap and metal bands like, Motley Crue, Guns N Roses, Poison, Cinderella, and etc. I know some of them wouldn’t be considered metal, but I would. Cinderella was her first concert. I haven’t got to see my first metal concert yet. My dad’s a rock n roll and country fan. He likes Def Leppard, Metallica, Guns N Roses, Motley Crue, and apparently Megadeath, along side a few others. I’m happy I only got into Motley Crue. I do listen to Guns N Roses, just not as much. My mom even bought Ozzy Osbourne recently. How can my music tastes be any different from what they listen to? I listen to Lacuna Coil, In This Moment, Wiithin Temptation, Evanescence, Hollywood Undead and others, it all sounds alike. It’s just a simple question that no one has the answer to.