For one day or a year, we’ll make it interesting. If you could have any superhero’s power what you chose? Everybody seems to choose to fly. I posted this on my Facebook page and my nana picked to clean her house by herself without any pain. Don’t blame her there. Some superheroes have either one power or more. Since I’m not too familiar with the old superheroes like Superman and Wonder Woman, I had to look up on Wikipedia and now I’ve picked more than one super power.

I hate pain and I don’t really looking at different bruises on other people’s bodies. I want to have the power to heal quickly. They feel the pain at first but as long as it’s not constant “stabbing” then the wound heals fast. It would definitely stop me from complaining about my constant back pain. However, I don’t know if it works that way, but I’d love it if it did though. I would love to in two places at once. I like being alone, but miss the interaction with others. So I’d like to have more of me so I wouldn’t feel so alone and I could visit my other friends overseas. Technically I already have one superpower considering I have metal rods in my back. I can’t lift myself up and I don’t go outside if it’s storming. I don’t want to be easily targeted by the lighting.

I want my normal senses I use everyday to be better than they normally are on a daily basis. I want night and freeze vision. Especially freeze vision, you realize how much fun you could have if you had that ability in school? I wan to sense the over-all person being, simpler term, be psychic. I also want Empathy and memory manipulation. I want the ability to know every language. My evil side is wanting to have some superpowers as well This is what I get for watching Harry Potter movies for four days now. My dark side wants to have some fun too. I want to be able to know how to poison a person. That sounds really bad, but go with it. It’s all for fun anyways. Could you see a person like me with all these powers? And I thought people and their wondering eyes were bad now. People would really think I was weird, but that’s okay.

Familiar Taste Of Poison

I finished my third and first female drawing I have ever done. Everybody wonders why I was so worried about it because there’s not much of a difference between a male and female face. Well, drawing only males for the few years, it’s not really the structure of the face, it’s more of what you’re use to in a picture. It all depends on what kind of picture you’re going by, a woman would likely have their hair in their face in a picture and look very violent whereas the last two pictures I’ve went with were very mysterious looking. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of pictures out there of women looking very mysterious and mean, but I like having a difference between the two sides. Makes a drawing sometimes look unpredictable. One of these days I want to do a good side with an ugly side of a woman. Kind of like a self-portrait of myself and how I think of myself, but I don’t think I’d ever want to draw myself.

I have a new picture I want to start on. My feelings are starting the same as the last three. I’m excited to move on, but expecting the worse. Since the first two turned out pretty good, I kind of figured the third wouldn’t turn out so great and I was right. Everybody has their own opinions but from the start I knew I wasn’t going to like this drawing. My problem with it, wasn’t the fact I was drawing a girl, I had told the person I wanted to draw her and that made me feel really pressured into ademptting to make this awesome. It took me four days. Not in a row and I wasn’t happy with the turn out. Nobody wanted me to give up on it, but I was seriously close to doing so. The other day I was so inspired to try once more and I did and I finished it. I still don’t like how it turned out. It isn’t my best. As much as I hoped the girl would like it, I knew she wouldn’t.

I’m back to square one. Wanting to feel inspired again and I’m anxious to start back up on drawing a guy. I’m doing my original plan and drawing a group of guys to keep me occupied for a few weeks or months. Everybody kept telling me go slow and I can’t. Whenever I’m drawing I’m out to get it done as fast as I can. I don’t know why I’ve always had this problem. Maybe because of the attention I got in school. I just wanted to get a certain section done so quick so I could go on to my next class and be away from the wondering eyes. That’s just my thoughts hoping to find a way out. I’m not for sure if this is my reason why I’m impatient, but it wouldn’t surprise me. So wish me good luck because I’m going need it to stick to this drawing. (: