The Opposite Sex

What I like about the opposite sex. Oh boy! There are a lot of things. I got to say, when looking up pictures of good looking guys on Bing or Google you might want to be specific next time around. The first picture that popped up was a guy’s pants and going down the pictures was a picture of Fred, that kid with the high-pitched that everybody thinks is hilarious. Yeah, after seeing those two things I quickly switched my direction and looked for a lovely picture of Mr. Duhamel. He is a stud muffin. The ideal charmer and the fact he looks very good in an army uniform makes him ten times hotter! That’s what I like.

I’ve done plenty of posts about the opposite sex and what I like about them. I like somebody who is cute, has a great smile and does actually smile more than once a day like most guys do. I like guys who are nice. I’ve noticed over the years that even the ones who cause trouble and ones who could break a person in half can be nice. You just have to find their nice button, and it’s not where you think it is. I like guys who are determined. I happen to be into the ones who are protective, but not overly protective. More importantly I like guys who are open-minded about people. Which in this day and age finding a guy with all of these things is a lot harder than it looks.

New Sounds

I am deciating this post to a friend of mine who is making me regret not taking any foreign languages in high school. She told me earlier on Twitter that she was going to make a list playlist of German songs for me to listen to. I love listening to different music all over the world, even though I don’t understand it. You can tell if a song is supposed to be a happy song versus a sad one. Majority of the sad songs are not upbeat. Thank god she sent me mostly techno music this time around. The first time she sent me a song in German, it was a rap song. It was very interesting for me to listen to it. Good thing for her, it wasn’t my first time I’ve listened to music in another language.

A few years ago when I was still heavily into rap music, I was listening to a lot of Raggaeton and music like that. I loved Daddy Yankee, I still listen to some of his songs every once in a while, but his place has been taken by Pitbull. I love when I listen to other music in another language, I’m not worried about the words they’ll use in their lyrics. You’ve seen me complain about that before. I’m not a fan of rap music especially the rapper’s words. I am listening to a group I think, called Die Atzen. I’m listening to a whole album on Spotify and I am loving it! I’m always paying more attention to how the song sounds–beat wise. Lyrics come second to me. It’s better when you go to learn a song, you know how it goes sound wise, before words or everything will be out of control and you’ll be confused. Songs in different languages you can’t understand is a bit hard to do, but it is fun to wonder what they’re talking about though.