Something You’ve Always Had A Problem With

Something I’ve never understood is why a person would do anything like this. Facebook does have its perks to find pictures and I’m not going to lie but this is hilarious! There are two theories within this picture, this could be a non-disabled person thinking they are going to get some slack for being handicapped. Trust me, from past experiences it doesn’t work that way and half the time we don’t want the easy way out. The second theory is we have no clue if this person has a crutch or something of that nature and brought the wheelchair just in case. These are the two things that could be true.

I’ve never understood why someone thinks our life is so good. It’s not all that’s cracked up to be. In school, and I’m talking about in early Elementary days, there were only two handicapped kids, a friend and myself were the only two and since we never had any classes and I didn’t know much of him at that point of time, I just thought I was the first of my kind at school. In a sense I was the only one with my disease but it just felt weird that there was nobody else for me to talk to about what I would face later as a handicap girl going through life. It wasn’t until I was having my surgeries that I figured that there were more people who were going through some things like me. I felt more at ease, but still alone at times.

Seeing a picture like this does allow me to make fun of myself. I make jokes about myself most of the time. It keeps me less depressed about my looks and what people see in me. It is a joke to go to stores and a lot of people just have the wandering eye on me. My family keeps telling me, stick your tongue at them, they’ll learn. My mind goes afterwards, yeah but they’ll think I’m rude and I’m not. I just don’t like being stared at by people, you would think they’d know they were the ones being rude to me. People are allowed to think what they want, it’s just our choice to not believe them. You don’t know what it feels like until you’ve actually been there. If you fake being handicapped, I hope get a few pointers because someday maybe you’ll finally get your chance in our life. Who knows though, maybe God will teach you in another way.

I Dreamt Of A Redneck Wedding.

I did something last night. It started off as a good dream then it spiraled out of control as it was ending. I couldn’t escape it fast enough, and I swear I think I tried going back to sleep just to make sure I wouldn’t have start-up again tonight. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish it and I’m a bit afraid to sleep tonight, but I guess there are worse things to dream about, like for example clowns, snakes and spiders. I’d rather take the redneck wedding dream any day over those other topics. So in other words, it was weird, but not as bad as some things I could have dreamt of last night.

I don’t even know how I got it started in the first place. I have very realistic dreams and as much as I’d love to find my true love someday, I don’t know if I can handle having a wedding like this picture I found or what I was imagining in my head. I think it could have started from Jeff Dunham’s Spark of Insanity was on Comedy Central last night and I watched the last half hour and I guess I had Bubba J and Walter stuck in my head, because Bubba J is a redneck character and one of Walter’s jokes is about Wal-Mart and sadly both of those were in my dream. I got married at Wal-Mart.

My groom and I got married around the cash registers and really big space. Now my groom was somebody I went to school with, he graduated a few years before me and that really scared me because that wasn’t who I started off dreaming about in the first place. He somehow came barging into my dream and I think I was in a trance because I was excited and everything, but I was watching myself acting like this and thinking to myself, how did I get here? I never get wedding dreams, EVER! This was a first for me and I’m actually hoping it’s the last. I did have a white dress, it wasn’t poofy and you know it’s one of my dreams because even it was a redneck wedding, almost everybody on my side looked nice and his side and friends dressed in casual clothes. Between my mind and this dream character of myself we were actually thinking the same thing, no! Get cleaned up! Of course, it was also the groom’s wedding too, so I apparently wanted to make him happy and just let everything go. Surprisingly, he was wearing a tux, so that was better than I thought he’d wear.

When I woke up from this dream, I was so bummed I didn’t get to see the ending and was a little bit scared. Our dreams are supposed to show us what we really want, and I don’t want a redneck wedding. There was an episode of My Fair Wedding With David Turtera and it had a woman who was very country and her wedding wasn’t really redneck, it was more country inspired. It had vintage things, sunflowers (which I liked) and a bit of elegance. This dream was the total opposite. Definitely something I don’t want as my wedding. I think it’s fair to say, maybe it’s not “be careful of what you wish for” but it should be said, “be careful of what you dream of.” Apparently your brain has some other ideas you know nothing about and that’s a bit scary.