Day 5: Something You Miss

This is what I miss. This is our dog Chance. We got her as a puppy from one of my dad’s friends. I remember the first time we went over to my dad’s friends house as a kid, I remember going inside the house and being put on the floor against this huge box. I was probably around 7 or 8 years old and Emily was much younger. We kind of surrounded this box full of puppies and the big mama. Since I was on the floor, I got to meet Papa, and he was a lot larger than I was use to but a gentle dog. Since my sister was so young, my dad asked which one we liked the most, but since they were so little, their personalities hadn’t come in yet. I just shouted which one I liked. Emily just grabbed one out the box. It was hilarious!

We went over there three times, at least that’s how many times I can remember going over there. The second time we went over there, the puppies were getting bigger. They were very excited that there were kids in the room, because they went completely insane in this box. Both mama and papa were out of the box and they were probably happy about that. I sat on the floor, with these giant dogs and was petting them and being all lovey-dovey to them. It was either that day or a couple of days later, dad brought one home and I remember Emily and I being very happy. Even though we already had our black lab, Katie, we thought we’d lucky and this one would be an inside dog. Nope, didn’t happen. Chance was mostly kept outside until we moved into the house until our dog Katie died. Chance loved laying on the couches and our beds. For her being this big dog, she would actually scoot over for you, which was always nice.

I think a year after we moved in to our house, dad went to somebody’s house and brought home Sydney and he told us that Chance was enough to keep inside so Sydney would be an outside dog since she’s always been one anyways. They got along. Chance and Oliver got along. In 2008, mom and Emily brought home ChiChi and for the first few months of ChiChi’s life, she thought she was this big dog. Sydney and Chance were medium size dogs so they weren’t very huge dogs but to her they were¬†a lot larger than her. Chance learned how to bark from Casey, which is my nana’s dog. Sydney already knew how to bark, loudly. So all three dogs taught ChiChi how to bark and it’s been fun ever since.

ChiChi only got to have a few months with good ole Chance. She was acting up a lot, didn’t stand up much or wanted to play with anything. She was the dog version of Oliver, just wanted to sleep all the time. The last night we had her she was whining a lot and she had to stay in the bathroom most of the night. Dad took to her to the vet and found out she had a brain tumor and my parents decided to put her out of her suffering and had her put down. I remember waking up that morning, my mom came in my room, crying and she told me what had happened and then I started crying. I miss her everyday, because she was such a sweetheart. I had always loved this picture of her because she pretty much didn’t care what Emily did with her. Emily had this blanket and she cut out holes in it and put Chance’s front paws through the cut outs and Chance just let her do it and she walked around in it like it didn’t bother her. Chance is the reason why I love pit bulls so much. You should NEVER blame the breed for their wrong-doing, it’s the owner. Chance was always a sweetheart. She loved company and giving kisses. This is what I miss.