Day 4: Something You Wish You Had, But Can’t

For years all I wanted to do was walk on my own two feet and just feel normal for like a day. I wanted to walk around. Besides this, I also wanted to run and dance like everybody else. When I was in school, I tried to do some walking, but I absolutely hated it once I got into middle school. It just wasn’t what I thought it would be, I thought I’d be up and walking without anything helping me out. It’s one thing when I scoot on the floor and everybody freaks out because sometimes my balance gets out-of-place and I tumble over if I’m not careful. Walking in this walker thing was the worst idea I ever had. It did make me learn, maybe I should just be glad I have a wheelchair instead.

Once I realized walking wasn’t as cracked up to be, I noticed my dreams of running and dancing would never happen either. That part sucked. I went through high school, kind of wishing I had good working feet to do these things. I just wanted to feel like I could do more than draw attention of my footwriting and artwork. So something I wish I had, but can’t is to have normal feet. I look at my feet regularly and really look at the shapes of them and feel my bones and know they’re not suppose to be there. I get aches and pains in my right foot more than my left foot. I use that foot for typing and texting (only when I lay down) and it’s not use to all that work so it likes to act up a lot. That foot is also the accident pron foot. I’ve hurt it so much growing up, I probably messed it up more than what I was born with. Yeah, I’d like to run and dance, but I can’t. And that’s okay with me. (:

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