Day 3: Your Definitation of Love

This is going to be interesting to talk about. I don’t like the word “love” because of my past. There a lot of things that have changed my mind about this damn word to the point where I don’t want to believe in it at all. I would much rather go through rejection because I know how to handle that. I’ve been through that plenty of times so I’m fine with that. I’ve never been in love with somebody, and so I don’t know what makes everybody else love it so much. So to compare my answer to everybody else is going to be different, but I’ll be honest. This is what I think the word “love” means.

LOVE: This word means accepting everybody for who they are even though you may not understand the way they are, but are perfectly fine with them as a person. (2) It means not wanting to change a person because you like everything about them. (3) Love is another word to describe our obsessions we may have about something or someone. (4) It means treating whoever with such kindness that you would never hurt them ever and you hope they’re repay you for your kindness.

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