Day 3: Your Definitation of Love

This is going to be interesting to talk about. I don’t like the word “love” because of my past. There a lot of things that have changed my mind about this damn word to the point where I don’t want to believe in it at all. I would much rather go through rejection because I know how to handle that. I’ve been through that plenty of times so I’m fine with that. I’ve never been in love with somebody, and so I don’t know what makes everybody else love it so much. So to compare my answer to everybody else is going to be different, but I’ll be honest. This is what I think the word “love” means.

LOVE: This word means accepting everybody for who they are even though you may not understand the way they are, but are perfectly fine with them as a person. (2) It means not wanting to change a person because you like everything about them. (3) Love is another word to describe our obsessions we may have about something or someone. (4) It means treating whoever with such kindness that you would never hurt them ever and you hope they’re repay you for your kindness.

My Love For Tattoos

I love tattoos, I don’t really know what started this fanstaction of them, probably my family or something I don’t know but I have a bad obsession with tattoos. It all started several years ago while I was in school, my mom and I were talking about the age limit I could do stuff that everybody else was doing and I think getting a tattoo actually made it on my list of topics. I wanted to get my first tattoo when I was 17 because that’s when everybody was talking about gettung their’s done as well. I just wanted something kind of small and on my foot.

Everytime my family would come down during breaks either the day of they were suppose to leave ot the day before we would ALL go and get something pierced or ink. For some odd reason we made it a family thing every single time. It was, well IS very weird. The last time we all went together, it was mostly for my mom and sister. I have been working my butt off for the past several months on making enough money to get my first tattoo. I almost have enough and have a new place and new idea. I just can’t get my dad on board with it. He thinks I’m going to regret it, which I’m not because what I want revolves around my life now.

Something I don’t like though. I love arm tattoos, I don’t know which I love more though, women or men? I love women who have arm tattoos and I don’t know why. I’ve seen guys get arm tattoos left and right, nothing’s changed there but the creativity. To me though, I would love to get my arms done I just have on problem. Since my arms are so small and skinny it would just look weird. That’s my take on it. Anything I want would just look bad because of my arms. So I have thought about covering my legs in tattoos instead, but I just got to get over the fear of needles first.

The room on my body is kind of limited. I will NOT get a tattoo on my back. I’m not that brave and I would be worried all the time if I’d ever have to surgery on my back again it would mess up the tattoo. Which can it do that? It won’t change my mind about it, just curious. I probably won’t get anything done behind my ears because that would drive me completely insane. I’m pretty sensitive around my neck and back so I would never get anything in those places. I do like thigh tattoos and I don’t know why exactly but I would like to have one around there. I have like three ideas floating around in the back of my head. I want “Life Is Beautiful” on the outside of my right leg. I want a mini skull with a bow tie on the ankle of my right leg. I would like a big dark purple rose with black leaves on my leg. I’ve just noticed I want all of this on my right leg. Now I know I was serious about getting my legs covered, or at least one of my legs.

In Need Of A Reunion Special

It’s that time of the year again where it’s early in the morning and the Emmy nominations have been released. To me, it’s just another awards show that I don’t watch and I probably never will, unless one of the shows I just love to pieces gets nominated more than once. I’ve seen it everywhere, American Horror Story and Mad Men earn 17 nominations! Jiminy Christmas! That is ALOT! Of course, that’s too shows I don’t watch at all. I have no idea who else is up for an Emmy. I’m sure if you have liked Emmy’s you will be getting updates off the yin yang. So no need for me to tell them. Sorry.

On a lighter note, something I’ve been thinking about lately. I miss a lot of my TV shows that have cancelled and have been off for a few years now. I think we need some more reunions from TV shows. If you could pick any show who would you chose to make a reunion of? I think there should be a reunion special of Friends, Will & Grace, and That’s 70’s Show. I’ve been waiting for a reunion for the first two for a while. I don’t know how many years we have to wait to get a reunion started, but I wish one was soon. All the news about Mila Kunis and Ashton Kruchter dating, just makes me want a That 70’s Show reunion even more.

This might sound weird but I’ve also been thinking about taking a trip through time and hoping for a reunion special for the shows from the 70’s and 80’s and some earlier shows. Since Andy Griffith has passed away, I wish they did a newer reunion show of The Andy Griffith Show with Ron Howard and Don Knotts. There probably was a reunion special out there I just haven’t found it yet. I would have love to see a Mama’s Family, Three’s A Company, I Love Lucy and The Golden Girls reunion. These were the shows I literally grew up on so I just wish there was a reunion special re-aired or something in the works, but it would be hard to do with half the stars have passed away before getting these in the works. I’d also love to see Full House and Roseanne have reunion specials as well.