Day 2: 5 Ways To Get To Your Heart.

Five ways to get to your heart. This is an interesting topic for me since I don’t really believe in love, but I do believe in creating a chance. You only get one shot with me. If you succeed on your first try, then I start checking off everything you do. It’s like a game of baseball dealing with me. If you mess up the first try, it’s strike one. If you mess up bad than it’s strike two. If you mess up your third time, then pack your bags because you’re out of here! I can talk about the ways how you can ruin your chances with me, but I got to give you the ones that create the positive instead.

  1. Funny man – If you’re not a funny guy, or have a bad sense of humor you are pretty in trouble with me. I come from a family full of crazy, hilarious stories left and right to the point you feel like the soda you were drinking the entire time was spiked with alcohol. That’s how my family is and I don’t know if this is a good thing to admit or not, but I’ve also turned into a funny person too. I love to make people smile and laugh. My poor nana wasn’t home from the hospital for two days and she had stitches in her stomach and I was making her laugh. Bad idea. So if you’re funny and have an awesome sense of humor you stay in my inner circle.
  2. Same music tastes – Since I’m into almost every music you give me, you have to like most of my favorites. I have a lot of friends that like mostly one genre but over 20 of the same artists/bands that I like. and I really don’t like that. I would rather you like other genres of music than just one. If you like five genres of music, me and you will get along just fine. I’m not even kidding you.
  3. Open-minded – This is the one that will either get you into my heart or leave you in the dust. I have serious issues with trust and insecurity and it gets to the point where I don’t want to date anyone, because of my disability and what all involves in taking care of me. If you are NOT open-minded to this at all, don’t even bother in trying. If I sense your discomfort just once it will ruin the whole damn thing. I am up for taking a chance but you have got to be pulling 100% in this that it doesn’t matter who I am, you will try to make it work.
  4. Kid at heart – I’m in my early twenties but I feel like I’m still six years old inside. It also might be because I could pass for that age range. I’m one of those girls where I’ll go into the Music/Movies department at Wal-Mart and look at everything, even the kid section. I love seeing the old Disney movies I grew up loving on DVD. If you don’t express your inner child in you, you’re in trouble. You’re in luck though, I will try my best to get you into them. I have a tendency to staying up late and watching TeenNick and all the 90’s nick toons, like Rugrats, All That, and Kennan & Kel. If you want to stay around me, you will find it in your heart to express your inner kid to me. It’ll be our little secret.
  5. Being a sweetheart – A lot of people would put this at the beginning, but I have a problem with this a little. I don’t go around very many jerks anymore and it seems everybody is a sweetheart to me. It throws me for a loop sometimes. If you’re a genuine sweetheart god bless you! If you open doors, have (some) manners, and kind of protected but overly protected, then you’ll be in my inner circle for life. I love sweethearts and I can be a sweetheart sometimes, so I would like to find somebody who can be a sweetheart and a little crazy like me too. I’m not asking for much, am I?