Creative Writing Days.

Yesterday I found this on Pinterest and I thought it would make a great idea come to life. I had this idea to make up a fairytale. Several months ago, one of my friends on Facebook had the same idea just not a fairytale kind of way, and she had like 10 or so comments of everybody replying back about it and it was just random and neat at the same time. So I thought that would be cool just to see who would make this random and funny too. I didn’t get 10 or more people to reply back, but I did get a few. I even put the picture and told a little bit about what I wanted on my Twitter and I only got one entry from there.

I have a great beginning though. It was starting the way I actually wanted it to, I wanted it to be different from other fairy tales. I didn’t care if it made sense and I would rearrange it all where I saw it should be when I got enough material to put it together. I just noticed I could write two stories since I have four entries and two had two different, but good starters. They’re very outside the box and I love that, I just need a few more entries and I can finally get started on it. I’m starting to think to write out the four entries I have and try to finish the rest, but I don’t know. I think I might email the idea on Facebook one last time to see what else I get, but I don’t want to bother people.

Maybe I should put the starters at the beginning of the email and let them figure out what to include in their entry. I don’t know what to do. It sucks when you have a cool idea and when you think people will join, they don’t. It’s kind of like school all over again. When I got this idea I felt like I was back in Creative Writing again, except I’m in my room and alone. Yup, that’s sad. Definitely an out of the box fairytale coming to life. Oh Jeez! I find it hilarious that I wanted to write about a fairytale and yet I don’t believe in love or fairytale stuff anymore, but I am a kid at heart so maybe that’s why.

If anybody would like to help me out, just send me a comment. This was the first entry I got yesterday, from my friend Jess on Facebook.

“Once upon a time a beautiful princess woke up one day, crying her eyes out because the prince wanted to leave her but she was pregnant.”

I would like to keep it around that since it’s not your average fairytale, but I’m not your average girl in the first place so it works. You don’t have it. I just thought it would be an interesting idea and could get your creative juices flowing again. Sorry for me rambling on and on about this. It’s one of those days for me.

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