The Fighter Inside.

Just a bit ago, I got enough courage to watch the movie of Dolphin Tale and man, was is it interesting? It was very good, despite I was late to watching it. I was an hour off from the very beginning. If you haven’t seen it, I would recommend to make sure you have tissues nearby because I will need them. From the time I saw the previews of it on TV I had always wanted to watch it even though I knew what it would do to me. There’s not that much a difference it makes if I watch movies of people or animals that are disabled. This was my first movie of a handicapped animal, but not my first movie of anybody playing a handicapped character. I have watched Soul Surfer too, and still can’t watch it.

There’s a sense in Dolphin Tale that shows the character a women driving into the Clearwater Medical Hospital and asks Sawyer, who is the main human character in the movie, if she was at the right place where the dolphin Winter is located. She asks if she and her daughter could take a peek inside and when Sawyer says “sure” and turn his head, it just enough time for the woman to take her daughter out of the van and push her inside. The little girl was missing her leg. As soon as the little girl and Sawyer said “hi” I bawled like a baby. Then I continued to cry when Winter and the little girl saw each other from the glass wall. Winter showed off her “no tale” and the little girl said to her mom, “she’s just like me.” Somebody should have just put me out of my misery.

Apparently I will never learn. When I watch things like this they do two things they inspire and destroy me at the same time. Seeing Kyle just so bummed and looking at the computer at his past and the doctor who was both helping him and Winter with their braces (I can’t think of the word and definitely don’t know how it’s spelled) and Kyle and him have a short conversation about how Kyle’s doing. Kyle thinks he’s broken because he can’t work his right leg. Dr. McCarthy passes Kyle a soccer ball and asks him to kick it back and hard. Kyle locks his wheelchair and tries to stand up on his own to kick the ball, but can’t. Dr. McCarthy asks him what hurts more his leg or his pride? Kyle never answered, then McCarthy grabs a glass cup from the table and drops onto the floor and tells Kyle, “that’s broken.” The scene ends after that.

If you’ve lost something dear to you, with some looking you can retrieve it. Things like this, it’s a bit harder than it looks. Kyle thought he was “broken” because he thought he’d never be able to do the things he use to. Something Dr. McCarthy said to Kyle got me thinking, “there are about a million other things you can do.” I might’ve switched the words up a bit, but it still goes with it. Just because something was taken away from you, doesn’t mean you’re life ends. They’re plenty of others for you to do. God gives us things to show there’s nothing we can’t handle. At times, all I want to do is end my life but I don’t. I have way too many people who would give up their life just because something small. I’m handicapped, so what? I love what I do and that’s inspire people I guess. I’m still not use to consider myself an inspiration, but I’m working on it. So keep in mind, it’s a new week. Get rid of all those negative thoughts inside your mind. Change up your priorities and show everybody that you’re still here, fighting.