How I Love Guys Fashion.

I like a guy who has their own sense of style. However, if you wear your favorite shirt more than once a week, you are crazy! Every girl is different, but I know every girl wants a guy who is willing to dress up more than once. If you’re not the type of guy that does this and if you really like the relationship with your girlfriend, you better dress up. Now a lot of girls may not ask you to dress up, but I know from experience watching my parents get ready, my dad always has to look his best. He’s a country boy, so it’s jeans, cowboy boots, and casual shirt. He’s got a jean jacket he wears sometimes too. Recently my mom bought him his first plaid shirt. It’s baby blue and white, and he looks adorable in it!

When I was in high school, especially in the beginning years, the guys wore casual bold or light athletic shirts. It always seem like Hollister and Aero was the guys favorite store to get shirts. I never complained. By my junior year, every guy had the “plaid fever” and I mean EVERY guy. What was bad was that it wasn’t just the athletic guys who were wearing plaid. Even though it was easy to tell everybody apart. Around spring time, a bunch of guys were wearing light-colored plaid shirts with capris, mainly white or tan. The other bunch wore the black and bright or dark-colored plaid shirts with skinny jeans. By my senior year, it was a bit hard to tell the difference. Most of the guys gave skinny jeans a try and apparently liked them.

Let’s about sleeves, I like when guys wear their sleeves like this. It gives them enough room for their hands. If you’re wearing a long-sleeved shirt, I like when they’re at their elbows. Plaid shirts have a tendency of being too long, and then whatever you’re doing is going everywhere because your sleeves are too damn long. Roll them up boys! I’m not saying I hate all sleeves, I do like them on sweaters and jackets. I don’t know what it is about winter time, but you’re the type that has enough guts to wear sweaters in the winter, especially white ones. God bless you! I think that’s so hot! I think I’m getting carried away with this. Sorry.

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