Our Extended Family.

So we started off at five kittens and now we’re left with two and we’re keeping these two. We had three girls and two boys, since our cat Oliver is a male, apparently mom just wanted to keep the tradition. All we’ve ever had been girl dogs and boy cats. It seems weird, I know. We got rid of the kitten I named, and we all thought it was a boy, and found out a couple of weeks before giving it away, that it was indeed a girl. Her owner just kept the original name she wanted to name her and she went from being Archie to Henry. Yesterday, our last female went to live with her sister Henry, and her name went from Phantom to Gracie.

We already knew that our only calico kitten, Callie was going to a home from the time we got a good look at them when they were just born. Apparently it was a bad idea to put it on Facebook that we had kittens, because my Aunt Laurie jumped at the first chance and only wanted the calico and hoped it was a girl. My sister and I have a friend (Ashlyn) and she commented on the picture of the kittens while they were still living outside and we were sneaking them inside so I could see them. She suggested that we call her “Callie” and that’s what Laurie did. By that time, we were still unsure what Callie was, a boy or girl. I think a week before Laurie was to have her we kept checking her just in case, we were very happy that she was a girl.

Our two boys, Tubby and Rudy have had their fair share of confusing days. We thought Tubby was the girl and Archie was the boy, when they were born. I always thought Rudy was a boy. He was the last one I got to meet before we brought them into the house. My mom told us kind of early on that both Callie and Henry were going to new homes when they were old enough and of course, since I named Archie and I knew her name was going to be changed I wanted to name our black kitten and Emily ended up naming him instead, because she hadn’t got to name a kitten yet. The only reason she hadn’t got to name one was because she’s the one who told us we’d get too attached. If we had to get rid of Tubby or Rudy, she’d burst into tears. Hell, so would I! Anyways, I wanted to name him “Ironhide” because I thought he’d bulk up for being a runt and he hasn’t quite done that yet. Emily tried switching his name to “Drake” but that didn’t last. He’s starting to get use to his name.

I don’t know if they’ll stay inside or not. My dad doesn’t really like cats, but the only reason why we’re keeping Tubby is because he’s dad’s favorite kitten. He happens to be our little climber. He was one of the first to climb everything. They think my wheelchair is their little jungle gym. At first it was just the wheel section that was their favorite past. Now that they’re getting stronger and stronger in their little bodies, they jump and climb up things they shouldn’t be climbing in the first place. For example, dad has a few of his BB guns out in the living room. In his little area with his boots and cat carrier. Tubby managed to climb up one of the guns and thank god none are loaded. It was hilarious because all he did was sit there at the top of the gun like he’s king of the world. Now I likes climbing up to my headrest of my chair. Both Tubby and Rudy love doing this and they like laying on my seat. Phantom (Gracie) never got the chance to climb up my headrest, but she did jump into my seat so there’s some triumph for her.

Big Difference

Man, do I got a story for you. There’s a big difference between my sister and I. Of course, there’s the obvious things you can notice off the bat. We don’t look-alike, she’s a blonde and I’m a brunette. I’m handicapped and she’s perfectly normal. I’ve only had two boyfriends in my life and she’s had about five. The list goes on and on about our differences, but there is one common thing we have now. We both like the older men. Even though her range is like 17-20 and mine is mainly 22-35 range. It’s still the same range. We like mature men.

The reason why I chose this picture is because of something that ties the both of us now. When I was freshman in high school, I had a crush on this guy and I thought he was the cutest thing. He was the cutest guy in the whole school at that time. I didn’t really talk to him, I couldn’t. At that time, I’d never talk to an older guy and I didn’t really know much about him. So after failed attempts to talk to this dude and I wrote him a short and simple note. I gave it to him during lunch while I was sitting with my friends. Over the next months, I was still “in love” with this dude and every girl he was with just killed me! I wanted to be that girl so bad. During second semester, I talked to him face-to-face a lot because we had a class together and we exchanged numbers. I talked to him on the phone probably four times. I was a hopeless romantic, thank god I grew out of that!

During my sophomore year, I tried moving on from him, even though I was grateful for meeting him and talking to him because I broke out of my shell and began talking to other poor souls that I had fallen for, just hoping for a miracle. I never forgot about him. How could I? We walked (I rolled) in the same halls for three years and had some classes together. I did small chitchat and teased him like I do to every other guy I meet. So in other words, I flirted my ass off the best I could. He got a girlfriend during that year and I definitely tried pulling back into my corner. After he changed everything, meaning his style. I didn’t seem so attracted by him anymore. I just gave up on him. It was good though, his girlfriend was good for him. She was also a sweetheart to me. She’s always been my favorite in that relationship. After he graduated, I was bummed everybody else was leaving, but I was so glad he was leaving.

All through my Senior year I truly forgot about him and moved on. I had to, everybody else I had liked graduated along with him too, so I just tried to forget about them all and focus on my last year and figure what I wanted for my future. Before coming into high school, I was looking forward to seeing these new guys, but they were a good distraction for me if I ever had a bad day. When my mom, cousin and I were walking around the college campus getting registered for my classes I’d hope to start in two weeks. All three of us were looking at the very good-looking guys walking around too. It wasn’t easy trying to ignore them, trust me. I was mainly excited about walking around seeing the classes and meeting other people. Surprisingly, the guys were on the last thing on my list.  Nowadays, if I see one of the guys I went to school with, I’ll make small talk and leave things at that.

The other guy from the beginning though has decided to come back into the picture. However, he’s not for me. It’s very different to know guys your age and older talking to your baby sister. I am fine with the ones I never liked, but the ones I know and graduated with, are off-limits. I know, it seems immature, but why should they go out or talk to her when they said they never asked me? I also think nobody in my class is good enough for my sister. As for the others, like the ones I had a thing for, what about them? Well, I hadn’t got to think much about that until this afternoon. Apparently one of them decided to ask for sister’s number. She thought I’d kill her, when I’d rather kill him instead. I’m not jealous, I just know he has a cheating problem and there’s a big difference between my ass having a crush on him and my ass kicking his ass if he ever did something wrong to her. Now, I know they may not even start up a relationship, but if they do, this guy’s not gonna know what hit him.