The Down Pour, Kittens, and Blood.

So yesterday was a stormy day for us. We’ve been waiting for a down pour for a couple of days now. Earlier last week, we got a little bit of rain but not enough like we probably could have had. It’s been looking like it could down pour again today. I’m perfectly fine with that really. As much as we need the rain, the storms can stay away. Our power almost went out and everybody knows if you’re power goes out so does your air conditioner. My grandparents house didn’t have power for at least three hours. So I’m thankful ours didn’t go out. Power should never be out more than twenty minutes in the summertime. If it wasn’t storming people would be running in the rain just to hope to cool off a little. I’m not a fan of storms and I probably never will be. I don’t understand how some people in my family love sitting outside and watch and take pictures of it. Pretty crazy to me.

I need to do one more card this afternoon so my mom can send it out tomorrow maybe. Our kitten Phantom is going to her new home tomorrow afternoon too. My mom’s co-worker friend already has Henry, and now little cuddle bug Phantom will join them. Mom weighed the little boogers last night and Phantom still outweighs Tubby. She’s got one of those bodies that you can’t really tell how fat she is. When my mom weighted her, she picked her up and gave her to my sister and said, “that’s how much Meghan weighted when she was born.” The kittens are at least 2 pounds each. I was a premie and it’s kind of weird knowing these kittens weight the same amount as I did as a baby. Thank god I wasn’t as mean as these kittens are when I was a baby. While we were weighting them, we were watching Dr. Dolittle 2 on TV. All three of us, use to watch it all the time when my sister and I were little. Emily was even quoting most of the movie. It was hilarious! It was fun!

Today, I’ve been back and forth with my mood swings. I’ve been waiting for In This Moment’s new music video to premiere for at least two weeks and today it came. In This Moment’s music video for their song, “Blood” was released and of course, it’s pretty bad ass! I’m doing pretty good today. I had breakfast this morning. My mom gave me a Banana Nut muffin before she went to work this morning and it was so good! Somehow afterwards, I passed back out. Maybe I should do that every morning? I got up two hours ago, and I wanted to do something new different. I listened to some In This Moment, then switched to Xandria. Now I’m into a band called Delain, and they’re pretty good!