The Fun Being At Wal-Mart & The Ending Of Breaking Pointe

Well I’m here today. It’s been a really slow and relaxing day. Since yesterday was my second day out and about. The only difference from the fourth and yesterday was I went to Wal-Mart with my mom and sister and had a fun time. I had originally thought we were going to go to the movies since we couldn’t go the weekend before. I’m glad I texted my mom the day before to see if we were or not. She told me we were going shopping. I was fine either way. I needed to get somethings anyways so it wasn’t a big deal. We can go see Magic Mike later. I was so proud of myself yesterday though. My nana gave me money that I earned myself for doing jobs for her. I bought everything I was supposed to get and nothing more.

I wanted to get two cards. One had to be a Birthday card and the other had to be friendship card. I also had it in my head I needed to get Jolly Ranchers. If I had enough money left over I wanted to get an iTunes card. I got all of these and surprisingly I only had trouble getting ahold of the iTunes card and friendship card because they were stacked up too high on the shelf. It’s times like that where I hate being short. Not handicapped, just short. Actually it’s not really my height that’s the problem. It’s my legs, they’re not long enough to reach anything from after the second row on the shelf. Thank god I had my seatbelt on. Could you imagine that image? Me, trying to reach for something and falling on my butt. I’d probably laugh at myself.

Something I was surprised I forgot to do. Usually when I go to Wal-Mart. I try to go back the mirrors and wait until everybody is gone on both sides and take a picture of myself on them. I love it! It kind of feels like I’m doing something without trying not to get caught, but it’s more like trying not to let anybody think you’re crazy. I’ve dropped my phone on the ground in the process of trying to take a picture of myself so many times that I’ve literally lost count. I love doing it though. I love looking at myself in the mirror. Back then, I hated it because I use to pick out things I didn’t like about myself. Now, I shut off my thoughts and smile. Press the “take picture” button and check it out. Redo it if I have to, and if I don’t, I send it to Twitter. One of these days I will have a mirror in my room. I have the perfect space for it too.

When we were on our way home. My sister decided to sing “I Want It That Way” by Backstreet Boys from the backseat. Oh my gosh! It was the most hilarious thing I’ve heard in a while. My mom and I were cracking up the whole time. It was just awesome! I got home from the heat and fun we were having to three pissed off kittens and one happy dog. I bought my songs and I made a new goal to not get another iTunes card before August so I don’t get tempted to buy anything with it. I need another card by August 12th so I can buy In This Moment’s new album, Blood the day it comes out. I heard their new song “You’re Gonna Listen” yesterday morning and it is freaking amazing! I am so pumped for next month. I watched the season finale of Breaking Pointe last night and cried when my favorite was leaving. I really hope The CW does a season two of Breaking Pointe because that show has become a new favorite to me. We just have to have the same people in it, even Katie!

It’s almost 4pm here and I’m wondering what Dr. Phil is going to be about. I have nothing on tonight and I’m kind of hoping my mom rents movies tomorrow because I really want to see In Time. I have to do my cards tonight or I’ll regret it later. My mom has to send them both out tomorrow or one won’t be on time. Hopefully I will do some drawing done this weekend. One of the movie channels I saw earlier was playing Transformers: Dark Of The Moon so I’m hoping that comes on a few times this weekend. I’m in a movie mood now. Too bad my movies I have in my room don’t seem good enough at the moment. Okay, I’ve got to stop rambling along.