Happy 4th of July!

I’ve had a good day. I spent the day at my nana’s house. We did some talking before we started doing our work on the computers. I do little things for him, like help figure out things that have to do with programs, Facebook and I taught her how to work Pinterest a few weeks ago. I get paid for it, so I try not to complain much. Everybody thinks I’m a technology wizard when I’m not even close to it. I learn by my mistakes and curiosity. I taught her how to do a “New Folder” for her pictures on her laptop. My uncle did something to majority of the pictures and it was different from how I have mine set up, but smarter. I showed her how to delete a bunch of pictures at one time. I showed her how to make a new folder and moving the pictures into that folder.

After we did that, she wanted to learn how to edit pictures. When I say “edit” pictures, I simply mean put quotes on different pictures. Before Picnik was taken off she knew how to work that, because I taught her. Then after it went bankrupt, I had to find another way to make my banners, so I started using the laptop program paint to edit the pictures. Honestly, we you do things yourself you don’t think there’s as many steps to it until you go to teach somebody else and they write it all out. She wrote everything out and I went over everything she did the first times, by her try, she went on her own. She aced the test with flying colors. It went better than I thought it would.

After we were done. It was close to lunch time and so we shut down our electrics and we headed back into the kitchen. It’s like a train with two wheelchairs back to back. Casey was smart to stay in papaw’s room. Nana made lunch and I sat in my chair and cooled down, because there is a difference between her office and the kitchen. We are celebrating two things today. For one, it’s 4th of July in the US and it’s also Casey’s 13th birthday as well. Nana made hot dogs, mac & cheese, pork ‘n beans, and made brocoli for herself. I only had mac & cheese and chips. It was our picnic meal but in the smart way, we were inside! Emily came over from the parade and talked her mouth off. It was good though, because I didn’t have much to talk about so she took over for me. No wonder my mouth didn’t hurt afterwards.

Now I’m home and I’m really tired. I got up at 6:30am and I don’t know why, because I knew ahead of time that dad was going to take me over to my nana’s that morning. My mom came in my room and took me to the bathroom. After she left for work. Dad came and asked me if I wanted my Kit-Kat now or at nana’s. I wanted a bagel and cream cheese bad, so when I told him what I wanted, he was a nice person and put extra cream cheese on my bagel. SCORE! I stayed up and watched the movie It Takes Two, I love the old movies of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in them. Brings me back to my childhood. Last night was the first night with my new bed that I’m hoping stays with me for a while. I don’t like hard beds, mostly because of my hands when I sleep on my stomach. Since I can’t move them, they push up and my chest feels all tight. Other than that, it was a good night but I was also exhausted too. I didn’t even watch Bristol Palin’s show last night, but my mom did tape it for me! I hope to get some sleep tonight, even with all these lovely fireworks going off.