There’s No End To Video Games.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve had my fair share of good times playing video games, but the ones I played didn’t involve guns. When I was in the hospital having my surgeries, playing video games was a great pastime. However, you had to plan ahead of time before the boys got ahold of them. When I had my surgeries, it was 2002, so XBOX and Wii weren’t introduced yet. So Nintendo and PlayStation 2 were our inside past time.

My favorite games were Mario Brothers and racing games. In the big play area at Shriner’s, all of us kids called it, the “RT room” and my game was way in the big right side corner. It was an old game, but it was awesome! I could play that game for hours on end. It was just my size too, so being able to play it was easy too! Whenever it was nighttime, and the RT was closed. None of us in our little group really wanted to be stuck in our rooms. So thank god for the PlayStation 2 in the our area.

Since the guys didn’t like getting up early in the morning and I always had a knack for it. I would get up way earlier than everybody in our group and play Donkey Kong and Mario Brothers racing game. It was the perfect time to perfect your track record and to even play it before the boys got up. They thought since we were girls, we shouldn’t play video games. They obviously never met me. I loved playing these games! I mostly loved being able to kick some ass too!

When I got home from having my surgeries, I got a late birthday surprise. Since I loved playing video games so much. My dad bought me a PlayStation 2. My sister and I about an hour after our long drive home, we got to playing this Scooby-Doo game. Over time, I think we had over five or six games. The two we played the most were this race game and Wheel of Fortune, mom mostly played the game the most. Dad got this golf and card games for himself. Ever once in a while, he’ll get out the ole PlayStation 2 and play a round of golf with his buddies.

Since times have changed since those days, where Mario Brothers, Pacmanm and Zelda ruled the game system. Now you can find fitness games, like Zumba, where dancing like a fool in your own home isn’t such a bad idea. Where you have to actually use arms and legs and the rest of your body to actually get the game to score you right. Not all of the games have changed. There’s still GameBoys and stuff like that. Parents use the internet to play their games like Soltaire.

I liked the old days of playing PlayStation with my group at Shriner’s but I like being able to try to dance my legs off–literally! Whenever I play Just Dance 3 on Wii I don’t really care about my wheelchair (well, depends on which chair I’m sitting in) because it’s working every single tiny muscle in my legs that I didn’t know I had. I like the sweat and laughs to gives me. My sister is addicted to playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and I don’t see the fun of it but it’s hilarious how much she gets into it.

Breakfast Cravings.

I haven’t done much in the last few days. I don’t really feel like doing anything in the first place. I’ve had a lot of pain lately and my sleep has been messed up because of it. Yesterday I woke up at 5am, and couldn’t go back to sleep. I’ve had those nights where I’ll get up at 2-5am and be able to stay up all day if I had to. It’s not that impossible without some positive thoughts. Sometimes it’s a challenge. If my dad will get mad at me for being awake so early, he’ll tell me that I can’t take a nap today or go to bed early. When he says something like that, it makes my job to stay awake a lot better. Nine out of ten times everytime he’s said something like that, I’ve stayed up longer than him. There was one time I got up at 3am and stayed up until 10pm that night. I was so proud of myself!

A coup;le of days ago, my mom and sister went grocery shopping, and since my mom gets up around 6am to go to work, she has to eat something to keep her awake. She doesn’t normally drink coffee. Soda can’t keep everybody awake, I should know. I always drink soda and half the time it makes me want to pass out. The sugar doesn’t work in my system anymore. I never want breakfast. Never usually wanted it in school, but lately when I get up in the mornings, that’s all I seem to want. Anyways, so she got these Yogurt bars and my favorite: bagels and cream cheese. When I was in Elementary, whenever I ate breakfast at school, sometimes they would serve us bagels and cream cheese. It was always so freaking yummy, that throughout the years I never got tired of it. There is still a few dishes I had in Elementary school that I still remember what they tastes like, is that weird?

Yesterday, my mom got up early in the morning and I was so happy! For one, I had to go to the bathroom really bad for one thing and I was really craving bagel and cream cheese. Since my mom was already up and I didn’t care it was almost lunch time. I wanted bagel and cream cheese badly. She fixed me up one and apparently forgot we even had them in the first place. When mom brought my plate in I was a little bummed. I like mine with a lot of cream cheese, always have and always will! So when I woke up this morning, staving I wanted the same thing just with more cream cheese. Nobody wants me awake at that time so I had to make do and try to go back to sleep. Which worked, just two hours after she left and I don’t do anything to help my hunger but watch Cooking Network programs in the morning. No wonder I was so hungry!