When Thumper Comes In Handy

My good days don’t want to end and that’s perfectly fine with that. Keep them coming God! I don’t think I even went to sleep last night. While I was doing my prayers, my right leg started spasming again. I was like, “really?” I thanked God for another good day and prayed for everybody who need it at the moment and left me last like I always do. After I was done, I just laid on my bed and tried to clear my head of the stuff I have to do the next day. I told myself to keep off the laptop and was happy I signed off Spotify beforehand because I sat myself back up and went back on my Twitter. I can’t believe my night.

My self-confidence level was so high last night. I watched Breaking Pointe last night and accidentally posted a tweet that I didn’t like Allison from the show and she read it, and sent me a tweet back. My guilty side came out and I felt sooooooo bad. I hate when I do that, but I didn’t think she’d actually read it. I had even posted a picture on my Facebook of Thumper from Bambi doing his little quote, and it was like instant Karma. Afterwards, I apologized to Allison, and she forgave me as long as I spread the word about Breaking Pointe. I told her, “of course!” I still feel like shit to be honest with you.

On a happier note, despite that experience I did end up getting better tweets after that. I got a follow back by one of my favorite bands Flyleaf. I cannot wait until they release their new single “New Horizons” I’m seriously about to go insane. You would think after the Linkin Park release I’d be calmer, nope, not in the slightest. Anyways, I was pretty stoked about seeing that on my mentions later on that afternoon. Then once as Breaking Pointe was ending, I put a tweet that I sometimes get upset when I watch the shows that have dancing in it because I can’t do it because of my disability. Which is true, I will watch Breaking Pointe and Dancing With The Stars and dance movies, but it seriously kills me inside.

Somehow that little tweet got Rex’s attention and he replied back to me, which I thought was so sweet. Then I was looking around, trying to find Ronnie. I found him and somehow got the guts to ask him if he has a Facebook fan page yet? I got two replies I didn’t think I’d get a reply back, oh but he did. I favorite that tweet. Actually I got two from him and favorite both. Then I had an awesome idea come into my head. I thought of drawing my favorite cast member, Katie. So I told her that I was thinking about it. She asked me what kind of drawings I do. I told her that I did bigger ones in school, but I do pencil drawings now. So I think I had her excited for that. Then I got my self-esteem back and sent her the link of my artwork that I post on here to her and added that I do it all with my feet. She replied back, “What!! You do those with your feet!” That made my night. I love knowing how they’re faces are going to be when they look at my artwork. She said, she didn’t freak out but was interested. I can’t wait to start work on it.

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