My Day With The Kittens.

Yesterday our house grew a little more. We finally had to bring in the kittens from the outside and the awful heat. We’ve had this box that our computer came in and we had planned to put the kittens in there the first day after they were born because we have some storms coming in, but Bootsie had them tucked away under the porch. So getting them out was very difficult, but not impossible since between mom and Em they would grab them and bring them into the house so I could see them. I’ve seen puppies grow up from I think five weeks to nine weeks old, but never kittens. So this is another first for me!

My mom and sister went outside to check on them and found them all on the porch. Several days ago, Bootsie moved them when dad was fixing up the front yard. My parents had a tough time finding them. Bootsie got smart and hid them very well. She also must like my dad a lot since she took them all up by his building by the house. They couldn’t see them, but you could definitely hear them. By this time, they’re walking around. Not as well, but they are still itty-bitty. The other day mom and Em brought in four of the kittens. She kept the rut outside that Bootsie didn’t have a cow. We realized that two are really chill and laid back. The two little gray ones are feisty and loud. The little rut has the most gorgeous eyes I’ve ever seen on a cat.

Yesterday,  mom brought the calico and the darker gray kittens into my room and put them on my bed. I had them up there for a while. The calico already has a name because it’s going to my Aunt Laurie. She named it Callie, earlier we thought it was a boy, but she still wanted to name it Callie. Mom told us about one of the ladies she works with wanted one of a boy, gray kitten. We found out, the one we first named, Archie is in fact a girl. The darker kitten the one I had yesterday, is the boy. Mom said her friend wanted to name him Henry, since it’s her eighth cat and she wanted to be like Henry the eighth, or something like that. I think the name “loud mouth” would better. The rut, which I thought I called dibs on naming this cat since it was two weeks old, but no… Emily wants to name this one. She named him Rudy and prayed that it was indeed a boy. Mom got to name the half calico, it’s all black except for its face. It’s got some orange by his right eye and upper nose. We were wondering what the characters of the Phantom of the Opera were, and when we found out they weren’t cool. We all agreed on Phantom.

When we were first grabbing them and putting them inside. Loud mouth and Callie were the first two inside and in the box. Here’s the reason why I call Henry, “loud mouth.” Mom and Emily left to get them milk that’s especially made for kittens or something like that. Dad was in the living room. The box was on the far side of my room. Loud mouth was shierking its head off. I felt hopeless. My anxiety went up and it scared the living crap out of me. I couldn’t get it out. Rudy and this kitten are the most clingy of the bunch and most noisiest. That’s boys for you! I had dad scoot the box towards me and started talking to it, even getting into a mini argument because it wanted to talk back. All the while I was texting my sister getting ticked off because she left me alone. My thoughts were driving me crazy, every little doubt about the future and wanting to have kids came rushing to me. I wanted to breakdown and kill something and it wasn’t going to be these cute little things. I was overwhelmed.

When they came back, mom and Emily had gotten syringes because we thought Bootsie wasn’t feeding them anymore. So mom feed Henry and Rudy. Henry wasn’t so hungry for the milk, Rudy was another story. Half the milk ended up in his mouth and the rest on my floor. He was messy! After he was done mom put them back in the box (I had Henry on my bed) and Emily was sending me pictures of Bootsie nursing so mom went outside and brought her in and put her and her five kittens in the box. Apparently everybody was hungry and we got to see Bootsie as a mommy, nursing and making them potty. That was disgusting! She was so nice. Didn’t hiss at us, but stared at us because we were talking about her. After feeding them, she jumped out and onto my bed. Walked around my room and jumped back in. By this time, a few of the kittens were passed out. Bootsie was tired too, but after an hour she jumped back out when I had my headphones on and scared the crap out of me. Mom let her outside and the kittens continued to sleep.

Another hour passed, and guess who was awake? Loud mouth. They were getting hungry again. So mom brought in “Super Supper” that was canned Tuna. They loved that! All five have teeth and between Phantom, Callie, and Rudy, they were tearing into it. Archie was chilling by herself. Henry was snoozing. They were at this for probably 15 minutes and they all walked away. Archie was still meowing so mom took her out and let her run around my bed. She loved the sheet and Transformers blanket. Kept chewing on both. There was a small space the wall and the bed and she fell right in. Mom got her out and pushed my bed up so that wouldn’t happen again. She also loves my toes, she kept attacking my big toe. It’s so cute to have a tiny paw try to grab my toe. Mom put her back in the box when she started meowing at the wall. Then about 30 minutes later, my dad came in and praised Bootsie for being a good mommy. Mom had dad see what they all were, because even though we had named them. We still didn’t know what they were. We named Archie because we thought he was a boy. Mom thought Callie was a boy. So dad set us straight. We have two boys and three girls and they are the most adorable kittens ever. Oh, and both Oliver and ChiChi have been curious since mom brought them inside. Oliver doesn’t really mind. ChiChi was being sweet, which is unheard of considering she hates everything.