Taking The Risk And Going With It.

I don’t know what it is, but I love freaking people out. In the past two days that’s all I’ve done. I went to my friend’s graduation Friday. She was my last choir buddy to graduate out of our little group we had when I was there. She was a sophomore when I was a senior, so seeing her graduate was a bittersweet. It also meant my sister was that much closer to graduating too and that freaked me out even more. Anyways, it was a long ceremony and I usually sit in the back of the gym. So when they all first get up there to the gym, I’m one of the first people they see. I love sitting there and usually don’t get much crap by it. The people sitting in the bleachers are pretty nice and I usually offer to watch over their bags if they don’t have any room. That’s how nice I am. When I go to graduations, I like sitting by myself. I can cry in peace if I wanted to. If anybody really needs me, they can just text me. Which brings me to my first thing. I sat with two different families and both were really nice. The lady I was sitting with when the graduation actually started was like everybody else.

I was getting text messages from Twitter and my sister every five minutes. I keep my phone on my foot pedal, by my controller on the left side. It sticks onto there. So imagine this, I’m texting my mom while the swing choir was singing their first song they do. The lady next to me leaned over and said to me, “I really admire you. I would never be able to do that.” When somebody says that I do my usual smile and say “thank you.” Something about me just wanted to do something new. Just wanted to see what she’d do. So I grabbed my phone and showed her both of my drawings. She freaked. In a good way though. Her eyes were wide and all smiles. She asked me, who drew them, and when I told her I did. She gasped. The thing I didn’t expect was her last statement. “I would love to see them in person.” That part was awkward. I had to tell her they were at home. She asked me what year I graduated and told me that I was very talented. That last part I am used to getting. It was fun thing to do. Just to see her face get happy and surprised was good for me.

Yesterday, after two weeks I finally got my hair cut. It’s summer, so I had to get most of it cut off. I was perfectly fine with that. Considering everytime my mom goes to lift me up and she is wearing her sunglasses, my hair gets caught in them. I teased her “you know when you’re ready for a hair cut when you caught in your mom’s sunglasses.” I’ve been looking at short styles for at least two months. Didn’t even make my decision until we got there. I like to take risks with my hair. I don’t mind the short do. It feels weird at first, but you get use to it after a while. As Katie was just about the finish it. Mom brought up how earlier that morning, I wanted a small mohawk. Of course, mom said no. Katie, on the other hand. She asked me if that was what I wanted. She was the one styling it and I was going to go for it. So I said, yes. I think it fit me to a T. Besides getting called Adam Lambert twin by my mother and my nana, I still liked it. I pretty much ignored those two for the rest of the day. I loved what Papaw said though. He called it a bush. Teased me by saying, “I’m waiting for a bird to come out of there.” Definitely got us all laughing at that one. Goof ball.