Whether You Believe Or Not

A few weeks ago, I was talking with my nana about our usual of different things pulled into one conversation. I wanted to pull us out of a subject and into another about religion. Now, I don’t usually talk about religion on here. I don’t want to step (or in this case run over)¬†on anybody’s shoes on if you believe or not. My sister had recently changed her religious views on her Facebook, from Christian to Agnosticism. I had to look it up on Google to figure out what it meant. After I was done, I started thinking about everything. I believe in God and I pray every night. However, I don’t like going to church. I’ve never liked it.

When I was little I was comfortable of going to one church and after I came home from having my surgeries, I couldn’t go back to that church. I know what happened but I’d rather not talk about it on here. Anyways, in 2004 we started going to this other church. I really liked it. I was going Wednesday and Sunday’s like everybody else. My sister was the one who first started going there. Then it became my mom, nana and I who were also going too. We stopped going in 2008, I think. I didn’t like always getting up early on Sunday’s and especially if I’d fall asleep during the last hour anyways. Everytime somebody tried talking about the Bible to me, it just didn’t go well. I have on my “bucket list” that I’d like to read the Bible, but I don’t see that ever happening. So now I believe in what my sister does, Agnosticism. I believe in God, I just don’t believe in religion.

My friend Stacie and I were just having a discussion on Twitter about religion. She told me she didn’t believe in God. My views on this topic is this, I told her it doesn’t bother me if she doesn’t believe. I don’t want to judge a person by what they believe. I may not understand their reasons for not believing but I can show them respect otherwise. I’ve had a few people before tell me they don’t believe in God and I’ve respected them because it’s people who believe in other religions, I don’t understand them but I don’t have to, but I can respect them. I think different religions are interesting and cool. I have three people on my prayer list that don’t believe in God. Even though they don’t believe in a God, but I do. I pray every night that God watches over them and their families. If somebody didn’t want me to pray for them I’d probably still pray for them. That’s just me for you.

This Season and Next Season of Dancing With The Stars.

I feel good today. I stayed up late but I had to. I had to watch Dancing With The Stars, and for the second year in a row. I lost, but however, so did my mom too. We both hoped Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas to win, but I think we were the same at as long as William Levy didn’t win, we were fine. He came in third. I was very happy! I was going to be outraged if he was going to be in top two just for his good looks considering his freestyle sucked. Katherine and Donald had the most amazing freestyles. When they were about to announce the winner, I was standing in the middle because I’ve been a fan of both. I was literally on five teams this season. Gavin, Gladys, Maria, Katherine, and Donald. Surpringly I didn’t buy William Levy’s “hotness” that everybody else had a thing for. I’m just like my mom. She didn’t see it either. We’re still hooked to Derek Hough and Mark Ballas. I was also into the Chmerkosvkiy brothers too. I am still in envy of Melissa’s trio dance with them. I pretty much loved last night’s episode, even though it was the end.

My mom and I were talking about who we would want for next season. Since it’s not like a regular season of new celebrities. In the fall, some of the past contestants will be back for the All-Star Dancing With The Stars. Yesterday as my mom was washing my hair we were discussing this. We have only watched for four seasons, well she’s watched five seasons. She watched some of the year that Nicole Scherzinger won. After that, I started watching it with her. We both cast our ballots when we found out Jennifer Grey was going to be on that next season. If you didn’t think she wasn’t going to win, you were crazy. Her and Derek Hough were amazing. I think Julianne Hough should come back too. I think it would be interesting if she came back. So here is my list of celebrities who make their way back to the dance floor.

  1. Donny Osmond
  2. Emmitt Smith
  3. Chelsea Kane
  4. Kirstie Alley
  5. Romeo
  6. Marlee Matin
  7. Mario Lopez
  8. Audrina Patridge
  9. Kyle Massey
  10. Carson Kressley
  11. Kendra Wilkinson
  12. Kristi Yamaguchi