Monday Was Good, But Tuesday Sucks!

My days are being weird. Yesterday was Monday, and our Internet didn’t want to work and so I didn’t get to talk to very many people. I had to listen to music from my iPod to my stereo. Which is fine, I like that extra bass that the iPod gives the stereo. I watched my movies and read like a crazy person. I had a dead Kindle for about two weeks or so, and I had to charge it the other day because I was getting really bored. Since yesterday wasn’t full of Internet dullness. I got productive and got myself back into my book and I’m almost done with it. Now I’m thinking of new ones to get, but of course I’m being my picky self and not deciding yet. I’ll probably finish up the other book I still have and then buy another one. Sounds good to me. Anyways, yesterday was surprisingly good, just kind of boring when the Internet did finally come back on.

Today has been an annoying day. I don’t know why it’s been this way either. I got this shirt the day we went to the mall, and I couldn’t wear it until I got another shirt to go underneath it. I got a black tank top on Sunday and we thought it would fit and it doesn’t. I like dressy clothes, but don’t really like them on me so much. However, I still bought it and I’m torn between liking it or not. I wanted to take a picture of me in it. When my mom put it on, I felt uncomfortable. I don’t like shirts that let you see too much of your chest and I don’t have the most smoothest chest in the world, that sounds weird to say. Let’s just say, I don’t like my chest. I thought if I put this shirt on I’d feel pretty. I feel the opposite of it. I don’t like the chest area. How to shirt looks and how it feels is another story. I think I look cute in it, but I just feel unpretty in it.