What Loves Blood, Bad Boys, And No Sleep? A Crazy Vampire Like Me.

It’s an early morning for me. For the past few days I have been getting up around 10am or so, and today, the one night I have trouble going to bed is the day I get up at the butt crack of dawn. Really? I’ve got to point out here, that I kind of figured I’d wake up early. Just not this early. I didn’t even think I’d ever go to sleep but somehow I did. I don’t know what was the problem. Usually my dreams make me want to sleep and drift even further into them, but my mind didn’t want to shut off. If I was to go back to sleep now, considering it’s 8:17am now, I’d get up around noon, be even more pissed off at myself and my entire schedule that I’ve had for the past four days would be wroth nothing. So I’m staying up. My mom went back to sleep and even though I’m use to watching DVD’s while dad’s asleep, I don’t think she’ll mind either. Don’t worry I don’t blast it. I’m not that mean. Now if I have to pee very badly, that would be another story.

Yesterday was Thursday, right? Can’t really tell unless I’m around my clock. Since all of my shows are going off for summer break, that means my days will be a drag to say the least. Since it was Thursday, I decided to put my Vampire Diaries mood into overdrive. I decided to watch nothing but Q&A of the cast at Comic Con and Eyecon. Man, would I love to witness one of these. Just to see these people would make my life so much more. That’s even on my bucket list too. To meet the cast of The Vampire Diaries. If there’s any die-hard TVD fans out there reading this, you know you can’t judge me. Anyways, I’ve said in another post that I’ve been watching the first season of Vampire Diaries and things are starting to make sense even more. Even things I didn’t notice, which I’m probably not the only one, like in certain parts. If you’ve seen the seasons all the way through, mostly speaking the end of season two, watch the episode of Disk 2, called “The Turning Point” and maybe you’ll get what I mean. If you already know, don’t ruin it for them.

The other part that I have been watching it for is for the guys. I think I’m creating a crush for Matt, even though I’ve always thought he’s too sensitive. Girls want a bad boy mixed in with a little good. Stefan is the ultimate package. Got a bad rap, but wanting to create something better. I’m mostly talking about him during season one and two, just skip the last episode. Tyler Lockwood is beginning to do the same, and so is Jeremy too. Both have had a bad rap but they’re kind of changing their ways, slowly but surely. Well you gotta give Tyler credit for this one, changing this way doesn’t mean breaking his bones into a million pieces. Oh, and I’m blaming this part on my friend Taby and the Q&A’s I watched yesterday, but Daniel Gillies who plays “Elijah?” Hello? Sexy! I do like my bad boys, and wasn’t too fond of Klaus, considering I didn’t cry when the dude died. If Elijah dies, I will cry. I’m sensing a little love action with Elena too. Now that last episode of season three has taken place, I can see it even more. Three dudes fighting for one girl. Damn you Elena Gilbert!