I Think I Was A Vampire This Past Weekend.

Its been a long weekend for me. Last Monday, was the start of my sleep getting messed up. I had my nights and days mixed up. For three days straight, I would go to sleep at night around midnight or 1am. Then if mom had to work the next morning, she’d wake me up at 7am and take me to the bathroom. Monday I went back to sleep after she left. Tuesday and Wednesday, I thought I had enough energy in me to stay up. I would go to sleep again around 8:30 or 9am and wake myself back up around 2pm in the afternoon. By then, I’m pissed at myself because I’ve wasted my whole day, but I don’t do anything anyways, so why can’t I sleep?

Friday came along, and it was an off day for mom. I had some ideas of what to do that day. I got up around 4am and couldn’t go back to sleep. So as punishment I’d do whatever I could to make me stay up. My mom got up at 8am, and said we were going to the mall. I know I already have a post of this trip, but I have got to say by the time we got to the actual mall and into the first store I wanted to go back home. I was slightly bored and annoyed because according to my mom, I was back to my picky ways. One thing about me, normally I don’t like shopping. Surprisingly, the only stores we went to were Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, Maurice’s, Body Central, Hot Topic, and Vanity. That’s it! We didn’t even go to Emily’s favorites stores, meaning the smelly stores that are NOT handicapped accessible.

After we got home from the mall, we went to my nana’s for a bit. Mom and Em had to do some of her errands. I stayed with both of my grandparents and I felt like I could pass out in the push wheelchair I was so tired. When we got home it was time for Dr. Phil and I didn’t even watch it. I listened to my headphones for a bit. My mom went to get movies for the weekend. She got me Underworld Awakening and Footloose. I only watched Underworld. I wasn’t in a dancing mood. I’ve been wanting to see Underworld since it hit the theaters. It was an awesome movie to watch but not enough to keep me awake afterwards.

The next day, I got up at 9am. It was the day my parents and a family friend of ours were going to St. Louis for the Cardinals-Braves game. Now, this was a mother’s day present from my dad. She’s the Braves fan and dad and Russell are the Cardinals fans. My dad’s mom, we call her grandma, came down to watch my sister and I. It was a fun time even though Emily went to a friend’s house Friday night and went to bed an hour before she had to get up. So she slept most of the day. ChiChi barked and caused chaos like she usually does. I showed grandma my new shirts and drawings. I pretty much stay to myself. I don’t ask for many things. I like to sit in my room and listen to music. Which is what I did. I hardly watched TV at all. I wasn’t bored or anything, I was tried, but I did wake up early which meant I’d go to sleep early too. I took a nap at 6pm and got back at 8pm. I ate and around 10pm I went back to sleep for the rest of the night.

Sunday, I got up I think at 8am. Grandma came to check on me and I somehow instantly got up. Went to the bathroom, and did my usual again. I listened to Five Finger Death Punch, got on Facebook and Twitter and was texting my mother. They got home at 10:30 maybe, around that time. My mom had texted me before they went back on the road, saying she was going to take a nap before we went to my nana’s. It was Mother’s Day so the night before my sister had this brilliant plan. She got both grandma and mom a rose and told both that the other was getting it. Emily made a card, and the both of us signed it. Even ChiChi, but it was pretty much Em. I thought since that was Emily’s idea, I should make my own. So I did a protected blog post for her. By the time she got the rose she was already crying, so reading the post wasn’t so bad as reading my “Bucket List.” Emily managed to get both mom and grandma to cry, she was smart.

At 1pm, we went to my nana’s for lunch. My Aunt Laurie, Mike (her boyfriend) and my cousin Taylor, also known as Tate, but apparently he doesn’t go by that anymore, all came down to deliver an air conditioner for one of the rooms in the house. We ate ham and cheese potatoes, and they were so good! I was starving, so I ate two plate full of cheese potatoes. Laurie got fruit while they went to the store, and I got two pineapple squares. They were yummy! Then somebody brought up ice cream. Laurie forgot we don’t have a Dairy Queen here anymore, so then we started talking about what all we wanted. Majority of us got ice cream on the cones. Emily got a sundae and I got a McFlurry, cookies n cream in fact! Love those! By the last spoon full, I was stuffed.

When we got home, I was so happy the weekend was finally over! Not saying it wasn’t fun, it was just too much for this chick with her nights and days mixed up. Here it is, 9:18am on a Monday, am I getting sleepy? Eh, kind of. Hopefully I’ll stay up, but I don’t know if I will since it looks so gloomy outside. Yesterday was also my first year anniversary on my blog. I wanted to go over 152 views, since that was most-viewed day, and it was back in November. By 6pm, it was passed that. I wanted to go for 200 views, but we weren’t there. We were close, just needed ten more views and we could have gotten it. It was so cool of you guys to do that for me. When I got up this morning and saw we got up to 190 views yesterday I was so happy! Thank you so much! Enjoy your day!