Last Days Of School Til Summer.

So my sister’s finals are done and so she’s just going to school for these last three weeks because she’s missed too many days. Some kids would skip on those last few days of school so of us know those are the best days ever besides the first two days of school. Because majority of the time the teachers never give you anything to do. I remember in Elementary school those last few days were just about games and food. We had probably four days to go on that last week and we’d just snacked that whole week. It was the best!

My last few days being in Elementary, our teacher had this game, it was the Roller Coaster game for your computer or laptop and he would create these things during his lunch or when we had recess. Since that year was the year I had my surgeries I wasn’t allowed to do very many things because of my back. So I pretty much stayed inside. He would show me these and it was the only time where they didn’t scare me. I would never go on one in real life but these were cool. The day he showed us, as a class, one of these he had made. We just finished our alien movie. I wasn’t a big fan of that either. I remember having nightmares that whole week. Since you could do PowerPoint’s from your computer and transfer it to the TV that’s how we all got to watch it.

In seventh grade, those last few weeks were slower and more consumed on the crappy computers that kept freezing up on us every half hour. I remember one day after our lunch, it was the day of our Talent Show that the seventh graders get to attend. I was going to sing and I was very excited about it. I was in my English class while the aides were at lunch. All of us were in there playing games and talking. You could tell it was the last few days because students were leaving classes to go into other classes to see their friends. Nobody really cared and breaks became a bit longer than usual because everybody was cleaning out their lockers and signing end of the year tie dye shirts. It was all fun and I was glad that year was about over.

Once as high school came around, parties were still in, but the whole school into having the parties wasn’t much fun. I think by my sophomore year every teacher told us we weren’t allowed to have anymore parties, we were suppose to be doing something up until the last day. Ok, first of all, you’re talking to a bunch of high schoolers craving the days of summer. Nobody is going to do anything on those last days of school. You’d be lucky if you got them to read. Half of all the teachers took up books at the beginning of the month, depending on when finals were. I remember the last two days of my senior year, besides all of the crying we did, it wasn’t so bad. We played games and were allowed to eat little snacks and bring in drinks. I remember being in the library playing UNO with a group of classmates, and we were all seniors. Two guys and three girls, and us girls, were emotional wrecks. We could hardly get through the game. The boys were getting fed up but it was like we could help it. I think those last few days of school were the only last days to ever suck.