Time Flys By

When this picture was taken, it was a happy time. The whole way getting up there and back was just an adventure of itself. We saw somethings on the highways that we actually slowed down to get pictures of it all on our phones. Two things on the way to our destination, we saw a pick-up truck with an air-conditioner in the back window. My mom was the one driving the rental car and saw it in the side windows when she was passing cars. After we switched drivers, I think we were getting close to where we were going to, and we saw this bus. It had blue painting on it and my mom was reading the back of it. I think it said, “porn stars in training” and the side said “department of erection” in caps. Oh my gosh, I remember my uncle practically hanging out of the window trying to get a picture on his phone. We were laughing our butts off. My mom was trying not to hit people.

Whenever we saw something weird, we got probably too excited for our own good. Five people in this itty bitty car and a wheelchair and a walker, it was bound to be interesting either way. I remember all of us telling stories on the way there. My sister and I brought our iPod’s with us just in case. My nana brought her CD player and headphones too. My mom and Uncle David sat up in the front and talked practically the whole time. I sat in the middle so my legs would have room. I think I was more concerned about my legs than my back. I remember when we took breaks, and everybody left to go to the bathroom I moved out of my seat because I was somewhat uncomfortable. The car wasn’t so bad with all the laughing and singing that my Uncle David and my nana were doing, the waiting part sucked.

Despite that night was kind of awkward being a house and my nana and I not being able to go watch volleyball with everyone. It was kind of weird. Nana found Twilight on the TV that day and we both watched it. When they came back the number of people in the house kind of grew. I think around 6pm I started getting very tired and everybody, no meaning one person wanted pizza very badly. Not naming names, but everybody in my family knows this person very well. The next was calm and exciting. I was still tired but the smell of cinnamon rolls overtook my senses and I instantly woke up. That day, even more family members were around and the day just kept getting crazier and crazier. I remember the whole car ride home we were very tired and a little cranky.

After that weekend, I remember being scared and worried, because in this picture it was the July 4th weekend and two months after graduating high school and just a month before I was to start college. I am taking an estimated guess this is where my depression started. I would like to think my over-sleeping came from that weekend, but I think I would over that in a week. This never wanted to end. Like I said, I was worried and stressed to the max already. It could have been the time where it started. I’m just not for sure.