Little Archie.

We have new kittens, I’ve blogged about their arrival the other day. They’re a few days old now and I’ve seen four out of five that our unofficial adopted stray cat Bootsie had on Monday.  I say I’ve seen four but the one my mom brought in my room earlier might’ve been the fifth one. She lifted it up and looked to see what it was, and it was a little boy and I had already looked a couple of days ago for names, and picked out the name Archie. Mom liked it, so one of the little gray kittens (just in case both are boys) has already been named.

My aunt already wants one of the kittens and she wants one of the Calico’s. We have two, one that is all different colors, the other only has a little bit of orange on its head. It’s so cute! She wants to name it Callie, so that one has been reserved unless it’s a boy, then she’ll probably name it something else. I got to see the little black kitten yesterday and decided that if it was a male, I was going to name it Ironhide from Transformers. I know I’m weird.

Considering I’m the only one besides my aunt that’s picking out names, I should be allowed to choose these names and they stick to them until their new owners want to change them. So I’m looking for new names, and I’ve found two really cute ones. The first was the name that first caught my eye. It’s Bonkers. It’s so cute and hopefully it will match one of these kittens. I found another name that made me thinking of incorporating my favorite bands and celebs. I found Adelita for a girl. I think it would be pretty for a girl and it’s also a rock band called Adelitas Way. That’s five kittens, but my luck we’ll probably have all their sexes mixed up and have to change some names around. I’m ok with that I just want to name one and have it stick with the kitten.

I Hope I Don’t Snap On You

Oh I hate these kinds of days. Once a month I get in these little fits where I swear my senses are heightened a little more than normally. I don’t know if it’s just from last night because last night was not fun. I hate night where I can’t sleep for nothing. I hate them even more when we get storms. On my Facebook I put up a warning about if they start to notice a change in how I act to them. I put that I didn’t get much sleep, had leg (calf) muscles spasms, my TV was losing signal because of the freaking thunderstorms, and I missed Blue Bloods because the power went out and my satellite had reboot itself about five times after the power came back on.

It was an all out bad night for me. What was crazy about the whole damn thing was that I got up early too. I knew we were going places today, but I’m not joking I was kind of hoping it was going to rain today so I didn’t have to go nowhere. Even I knew I wasn’t going to be in the best mood the next day. I did, however, act nice while I was at my nana’s and the store, but I could feel my stress level go up everytime I was around my mom and sister. Crossing them would not be smart so I have no clue how I didn’t snap on them at all. I was happy about that. I’m also very happy about being home too. Maybe I should have eaten ice cream.

That picture is what I actually feeling like doing at the moment. Not knowing which person I’d like to straggle but I have a good idea. When we were in the parking lot about to go back to my nana’s to drop off her stuff, a little thought popped up in my head and surprisingly that’s the picture that I pictured in my head. Different people are getting under my skin. Some who don’t deserve to be there and the ones who do, well I just want to explode and that doesn’t sound so bad right now. Thank god for music though, because that’s the only thing keeping somewhat sane. I’m actually considering leaving the house for one of my friends tomorrow and my good side is telling me, “do you really want to snap on an innocent person tomorrow?” Because that’s what’s going to happen and it’s not going to be good.

I always act like this and it usually starts out the same way. I could kill someone in the mornings, but once as night comes around I’m the most depressing person ever. I’ve been really good about not taking myself that far anymore. Which is good. The last time I remember being very depressed was February. Here it is, May and I don’t want to make this month bad. I also don’t want to make anybody an enemy this month either. So I’ve been kind of quieter today and that’s it. If I’m not quiet then I’m liable to say anything and then it’s all man for themselves. Hopefully tomorrow, or tonight, I’ll be calmer and not feeling like I could do that (in the picture) to somebody who probably doesn’t exactly deserve it.